a few of the latest and greatest

  • passing out w/ my head on the plate at his brother's wedding
  • almost causing a fight at D&B's btn my friend and some guy (so i'm told)
  • throwing up in the plant next to the front door and finding out about it the next morning because my friend took video of it on my camera
  • my friend found me in the bar next door to the bar we were at, and i apparently got some numbers while i was there
  • kissing strange boys (on many ocassions)
  • waking up w/ bruises on my knees, hips, and feet cuz i fell up and down the stairs at the club, and not to mention on the dance floor
  • crawling though a parking garage in vegas
  • ordering bacon from room service in vegas, but falling asleep before it came
  • getting the entire table cutoff b/c i was too drunk
  • laughing at my friend as she threw up on the TGIFriday's bathroom floor
  • ironically throwing up on said bathroom floor later on that same night
  • throwing up at my bday party @ Yardhouse and my friends put me in the car and went back in to party
  • running out the emergency exit cuz i had to throw up
oct 16 2007 ∞
oct 16 2007 +