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  • the new book by Cornelia Funke is fox-themed and set in Japan!
  • the Drei Fragezeichen theme
  • already thinking about curating a little package for Sonja's birthday on the 1st of December, maybe even with a tiny little advent calendar
  • in my holidays i did: bake cookies & cinnamon buns, painted lots, go apple-picking, eat Greek food, see Meike twice, re-arrange my bedroom, eat ramen
  • Ella has an essay out in a new essay collection
  • the song 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac
  • Daphne wrote that she solved her little Enola Holmes styles riddle and that it was so much fun for her
  • four beautiful pen pal letters & a care package from Hanne (a little pumpkin! self-sewn masks!) in one day
  • i loved the waffle recipe book i bought for Meike's birthday so much i made black-and-white-waffles Saturday morning. i might have to keep it for myself for more waffle inspiration
  • things i enjoyed drawing: the octopus, ombré crystals & acorns, croissant, little Chanel No. 5 bottle, lipstick, espresso maker, the owl, the hobbit door, hedgehog & rose hips
  • a walk in the late October sun, collecting pretty leaves and buying some cute new postcards at Miss Minz
  • i could book an online watercolour or other drawing course at some point during the winter
  • has anyone ever really recognized how truly yellow sunflower petals are? they are SUCH a vibrant colour
  • the paperback of Ella's cookbook will come out on 31st December and it has different little illustrations & some new writing by her!
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