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  • things i'd possibly like: tartan bedding (red and blue), an oversized (fake) leather jacket, a st pauli hoodie, a tartan flannel shirt, a lacy bralette?, hair highlights in sherry or cognac?
  • young goat's cheese from Mekkerstee, goodness, this one is delicious! almost caramelized undertones
  • how good my tea-box smells
  • my hair actually did get long
  • avocado sushi AND pizza pasta
  • smooching my little godson at his first birthday party, and that being the moment his mom took a picture
  • little light green celery half moons
  • Saskia Mei├čner, Frank Goosen's assistant, said to me on the phone to please never stop working where i am right now, except for when her firm expands and she can headhunt me
  • ketchup from green tomatoes and a 'you are awesome' sticker for me at work
  • buying myself pale-pink roses as a reward and celebration for good prospects at work, and next week i'm going to buy myself a proper advent wreath
  • bringing books i sorted out to work and seeing nice colleagues being happy about getting them, meeting my colleague lena's smalll kids (gosh, the toddler), a coffee from the fancy machine with the luxury of real milk, getting home on time even though the trains were all said to be late, making good use of the left-over spinach and prepapring clever salads for dinner & next day's lunch
  • this book with colourful creative ideas for Christmas time ~ i fell in love with the Christmas baking shop with plaster bundt cakes and biscuits made from modelling clay, also love the glittery pine cones
  • realizing it takes time to relax: several days at least when switching from work to time off, also trying to keep this in mind a bit more: i earn my own money, i pay my own health insurance, i am completely financially self-reliant! what a great, great achievement, i can be so proud of myself
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