• naming my first daughter after my mother (Laura)
  • how lucky I am to have found a guy that treats me well
  • I want to learn how to make a marble cheesecake
  • maybe moving away from Chicago because no one here talks anymore. I would have to convince Dirk to move with me, but hopefully he will want to as well
  • college applications for next year.. if I can get money from the gov. for being emancipated then I will go to art school, if I cant then I think I will maybe become a teacher of some sort
  • taking a yoga class
  • going on a cruise this Summer
  • going to Minnesota with my dad, Danelle and Dirk this Summer
  • Dirk said he would take a dance class with me.. haha, that would be a lot of fun
  • wanting to start a charcoal thing but my apartment is so cramped
  • need to paint my walls
  • I got you a Christmas present!
  • baking cookies soon and making marzipan candies on the 20th
  • getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 28th :///
dec 8 2009 ∞
dec 8 2009 +