currently playing (unbeat)

  • ✦✦✦✦✧ final fantasy xiii ↻ (steam)
    • chapter 11
    • god this aged sooo well?? even w/o any graphic enhancement mods this game still looks so pretty it's hard to believe that it came out in 2009
    • forgot how strong the main cast and their dynamics are too! sazh and vanille are my personal highlights but tbh everyone plays off of e/o p well! final fantasy more like found family lol
      • tbh probably the strongest ff cast - they're p tightly woven and significant to the story and none of the main/playable cast feels overlooked. can't rly say the same abt the antagonists we've encountered so far (jihl and cid :() but regardless!
    • also paradigm system my beloved... one of my fav combat/atb systems it's just super snappy and fun esp if you play manual mode. the game rly favors aggressive strategies, which i'm still getting used to lol, but i'm having a great time so far in my replay!
  • ✦✦✦½✧ stardew valley (steam)
    • year 2, spring
    • it's rly nice to destress with this game, though i'm p on and off w this. really want to finish off the community centre and get all the farm animals :]
    • faves so far are haley and sebastian
  • ✧✧✧✧✧ pokémon soulsilver (emulator)
    • 8/8 johto badges

backlog (priority)

  • ✦✦✦½✧ octopath traveler ii
    • todo: finish stories for osvald, castti, hikari
  • ✦✦✦✦✧ final fantasy tactics: war of the lions
    • ultima for ramza: ch 4 (limberry) as squire
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