all of my bestest friends and mutuals and their tumblrs! go check em out :O

★ my wonderful boyfriend @hunterwho!!

★ winslow @im-here-for-power, my ride or die since 5th grade

★ @sweetfurybarbarian, megan, a dumbass

★ fuck you @bisexualbison69

★ my shadow self who i will fight personally @autistic-meanie

★ @translatino jake the most uplifting dude ever!!!

★ willow will one day slay me in battle @thewillowwisps

★ and last but not least the rest of my friends in gays against social interaction! @mlm-izuiki, @fortunatehazelnut,and @fallmutual!!!

apr 2 2018 ∞
apr 3 2018 +