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★ my soon-to-be legal name is lee, but i also go by richie and virge

★ im nonbinary, queer and demisexual, i use they/them pronouns. please dont ask about my assigned gender at birth

★ im professionally diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder, and currently on medication. im also self-dxed with autism spectrum disorder, you can ask why i dont have an official dx if you know me, but it's a touchy subject

★ im a minor, but feel free to follow/interact/etc if you're 18+

★ my zodiac sign is scorpio-sagittarius cusp. i dont enjoy celebrating my birthday because of my gender dysphoria

★ i'm a writer and artist, though im not nearly as good as either as id like to be. i also do archery, do tarot readings, play way too many video games to be productive, and im in my school's choir

★ random tidbits: i live in chicago, im...

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songs im listening to! list will be updated over time

★ northern downpour - panic! at the disco

★ mr brightside - the killers

★ black hole sun - soundgarden

list wip

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all of my bestest friends and mutuals and their tumblrs! go check em out :O

★ my wonderful boyfriend @hunterwho!!

★ winslow @im-here-for-power, my ride or die since 5th grade

★ @sweetfurybarbarian, megan, a dumbass

★ fuck you @bisexualbison69

★ my shadow self who i will fight personally @autistic-meanie

★ @translatino jake the most uplifting dude ever!!!

★ willow will one day slay me in battle @thewillowwisps

★ and last but not least the rest of my friends in gays against social interaction! @mlm-izuiki, @fortunatehazelnut,and @fallmutual!!!

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these are all sensitive topics around me. they range from just making me extremely uncomfortable to sending me into a full blown panic attack. if you can, please provide a warning before mentions of any of these

★ descriptions of abuse, especially animal abuse or parental abuse (both physical and emotional)

★ the names suzanne, natalie, finn, or ali

★ july 27

★ the band get scared, especially the song dont forget the sun

★ images of bugs, especially closeups

★ animal harm/animal death

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things im semi-cuurently interested in, pls ask abt any of these

★ homestuck

★ sanders sides

★ video games in general

★ sims 4

★ horror args (marble hornets/everymanhybrid)

★ music in general

★ anything that can be described as "unexplained" or "creepy"

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video games im currently playing/have recntly played

★ super mario odyssey

★ legend of zelda breath in the wild

★ persona 5

★ super mario 64

★ kirby all stars

★ sims 4

★ overwatch

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★ main tumblr: vrxskka

★ sanders sides sideblog: moonvirgil

★ discord: vrxskka#9164

★ leestrider#1458

★ snapchat: ask me personally

★ phone number: ask me personally

★ email:

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i dont take kin very seriously and i dont care abt doubles!! i love talking to people kin with ppl from the same medias as me. i am currently looking for canonmates (pls im lonely) and love talking abt my mems!

★ vriska megido (homestuck)

★ richie tozier (it 2017)

★ virgil sanders (sanders sides)

★ cirava (hiveswap troll call)

★ simon spier (love, simon)

★ juice (17776)

★ link (legend of zelda botw)

im not listing any of the minor ones where i have like no mems so msg me if u wanna hear more

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things im currently working on in my spare time. things on hold are marked with a white star. mostly in reverse chronological order, give or take

★ an unnamed webcomic project along with a variety of other people (april 2018)

★ you and the moon, a sanders sides prinxiety oneshot, beta readers needed! (march 2018)

★ untitled sanders sides prinxiety fic, postponed due to lack of inspiration/writers block (march 2018)

★ homestuck extended zodiac project, postponed due to past depressive spiral (november 2017)

★ super special secret project, postponed due to lack of creative vision and past depressive spiral (november 2017)

page wip!

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