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if you’re a double ask to follow, i’ll probably be ok with it tho! i just have some identity issues

i’m just gonna list them, sorta in order of how strong the kin is because most of my kin feel kinda like IDs but also not?? i’m not sure but the first on the list is generally the strongest kin

literally me

  • phoenix wright (primarily apollo justice: ace attorney)
  • luke skywalker (star wars)
  • claus (mother 3)


phoenix wright: ace attorney

  • ema skye (also primarily aj, in my canon i was nb)
  • clay terran (space man!! space gay!!!!!)


  • jake english
  • jake harley (alphawswap)
  • dirk lalonde, call me dilal (kidswap)
  • dave strider (alphaswap)
  • dave harley (kidswap)
  • jaketavrosprite (au)

super mario bros

  • mario
  • luigi/mr. l

star wars

  • anakin skywalker
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