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basic dnfi applies! i’m not on either side of the a-spec discourse i’m just tired

do not follow if

  • your name is sierra
  • you’re cishet
  • you’re neurotypical
  • you post excessive amounts of a-spec discourse
  • you call yourself an aphobe/acephobe/arophobe or are ok with people who do so
  • ship anything incestual/pedophilic/abusive, don’t ship it to cope, and post it on your blog, tagged or not
  • you haven’t read my blacklist

ask to follow if

  • you’re cis
  • you are kin with vriska serket, aranea serket, and/or bro strider
  • you have kin memories of alpha bro being ...
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sup i’m ken, but you can also call me any of my kin names!

  • 17
  • trans man
  • he/him pronouns
  • gay aro (lithromantic specifically)
  • white
  • perisex
  • autistic
  • mentally ill
  • physically abled
  • save me from my crush on miles edgeworth please i'm begging
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things i just like

  • space! and everything about it!
  • biology!! science in general is cool but biology is something i'm actually good at
  • flowers!!! i love flowers
  • mythology

special interests

  • phoenix wright: ace attorney
  • star wars
  • smb
  • homestuck
  • psychology, kinda? i think i started to care about it pretty young but learning about my mental shit has made it even more important to me
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if you’re a double ask to follow, i’ll probably be ok with it tho! i just have some identity issues

i’m just gonna list them, sorta in order of how strong the kin is because most of my kin feel kinda like IDs but also not?? i’m not sure but the first on the list is generally the strongest kin

literally me

  • phoenix wright (primarily apollo justice: ace attorney)
  • luke skywalker (star wars)
  • claus (mother 3)


phoenix wright: ace attorney

  • ema skye (also primarily aj, in my canon i was nb)
  • clay terran (space man!! space gay!!!!!)


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