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basic dnfi applies! i’m not on either side of the a-spec discourse i’m just tired

do not follow if

  • your name is sierra
  • you’re cishet
  • you’re neurotypical
  • you post excessive amounts of a-spec discourse
  • you call yourself an aphobe/acephobe/arophobe or are ok with people who do so
  • ship anything incestual/pedophilic/abusive, don’t ship it to cope, and post it on your blog, tagged or not
  • you haven’t read my blacklist

ask to follow if

  • you’re cis
  • you are kin with vriska serket, aranea serket, and/or bro strider
  • you have kin memories of alpha bro being abusive in any way

if you aren’t kin i might not follow you back. i unfollow unexpectedly and without warning because i follow people almost entirely based off my interests at the time. i try to be friendly, but i am incapable of forming meaningful relationships over the internet.

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may 20 2017 +