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  • Pour forth generously the olive oil
  • Know your quality of life standards even if it means bringing your own bed sheets from your country
  • The people you struggle with daily are comrades, only a select few are friends
  • Be the golden retriever you wish to see in this world
  • Even if one does not like cooking, it's an important skill if you want to make people around you happy
  • Pain can drive us to do great things, but the war ends and we have to face life after pain
  • The best answer to the question "How's life?" is to say "Oh, it's unfolding."
  • You can measure an unfortunate incident during a vacation by the opportunity cost of not being able to sleep around
  • The beauty of growing older is seeing things clearly, choosing your fights
  • You can know your own tendencies and still be surprised at their forcefulness
  • Self-knowledge is knowing when to resurface or disappear
  • You can fuck up and people can still love you (but only up to a point)
  • Women who mother are badass
  • There is a terrible cost to chasing your dreams
  • Be somebody's sunshine
  • Be brave enough to be the tender one
  • Know your unique gifts, no matter how incidental, and work with it
  • Sometimes knowing there's someone on the other end is enough to hold on through another night
  • You can be both caring and have an awareness of your boundaries and what is too intense for you at this point in your journey
  • We're all on a journey of self-discovery, the great love affair with ourselves
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