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☆3 daughters ☆A cat named Buck ☆1 younger brother

◢Psychology & Astrology are my passions◣
◢Honesty is a must◣
◢A genuine friend is irreplaceable◣
◢Forgiveness is necessary◣
◢Love conquers all◣
◢Living means learning◣
◢A good deed is never a waste◣
◢Follow your heart◣
◢Goodbyes are difficult◣
◢Real treasures are free◣

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  • Be certain of my salvation
  • Be totally at peace with myself & others
  • Make sure my loved ones know how much I love them
  • Find a church for my children to get involved with
  • Document my valuables & who is to receive them
  • Go skydiving
  • Sing 'Stranded At The Drive-in' while swinging on a swing at the drive-in
  • Have sex on a motorcycle
  • Get a degree
  • Marry a worthy man
  • Learn to play 'Simple Man' on the guitar
  • Dress up like Lois & Clark for Halloween
  • Have my dad walk me down the aisle
  • Have sex while driving
  • Sit on the beach & watch the sunset with someone I love
  • Eat in a restaurant by myself
  • Have sex outside during a thunderstorm
  • Buy a home
  • Get my girls enrolled in college
  • Learn country line dances
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may 7 2018 +