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☮♬ autumn, winter, tea, coffee, love, perfume, diamonds, shopping, pearls, music, boys, love letters, gifts, flowers, cupcakes, shoes, traveling, coco chanel, birds, fashion, stars, buttons, mittens, polaroids, cameras, joy, happiness, the beach, boots, whales, paris, london, waffles, cheesecake, sunshine, books, fairytale castles, lingerie, nature, rain, tights, hats, cardigans, kittens, braids, ...

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katie books (2019)
stefania movies ( period dramas I loved the most)
lindsay favorites (current - feb 2019)
cariatide films (2020)
why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and cry over a tv show. (2020)
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  • exploring a flowery town with cute villagers
  • drinking a milkshake in an empty diner at 3am
  • real life that feels dreamlike
  • cute sunflower field dates
  • in love with the universe
  • softest love songs
  • living inside an 80s tv show
  • drinking tea on a cozy raining morning
  • you’re an angsty teen in a coming-of-age film
  • summer road trip in the west coast
  • vacation in san francisco
  • living in an old French film
  • stargazing and contemplating the meaning of life
  • late night drives in a 90’s movie
  • watching a beautiful sunset over the beach with someone you love
  • feeling dazed and drifting off under dreamlike sunlight
  • going to the beach in a camper van in 1960′s california
  • collecting whimsical music-boxes and taking pictures of clouds in paris
  • falling asleep on the moon
  • city lights at midnight
  • half dreaming,half awake in faded 60s sunlight
  • remembering someone else’s memories like they’re your own
  • being the guardian of a snowy forest who befriends wolves and takes care of baby fawns
  • being in a vintage fairytale
  • wandering the avenues of vintage New York City
  • living in a cinematic landscape and watching over a magnificent scenery
  • exploring an art museum
  • eating fruit in a small italian seaside town
mar 22 2019 ∞
may 2 2019 +