• nomiya making a 9-hour drive to tokyo from tottori after getting off the phone with yamada and sensing that she's about to cry (honey and clover s2)
  • mayama lying on a bench nursing a cigarette when ayumi comes to confront him about him missing the lecture he wanted to get into so much just for rika, and he said to her "stop having feelings for me" (honey and clover l.a.)
  • yamada to morita: there was a girl who could neither make this person run nor stand still. tell me… how can this girl find happiness? (honey and clover l.a.)
  • tsubaki: ever since he was a little kid, tsukasa has always been by himself - the scene cuts to tsukasa alone in his room doing 1000-piece puzzles (hana yori dango)
  • when haruto finds out that tenma doesn't believe in oto regarding her assaulter's identity, the first thing he says to tenma is "you bastard, are you stupid?" (hana nochi hare)
  • haru stops swimming in the middle of his race at the prefecturals because all the stress and pressure made him feel like the water was swallowing him instead of freeing him (free! s2)
  • "i read in a book some flowers bloom in the fall. back then, i was a dry desert. to me, you were like a flower that bloomed for a short while in the fall. those days were like a desert, but because you showed up, i became a garden" (when the weather is fine, ep 6)
  • taichi: "i've always, always wanted to become a person who is not a coward" (chihayafuru s3e23 / ch137)
  • arata: "i wish i played soccer, too" (chihayafuru ch 205)
  • "being good means being free" - panel cuts to noya's back (calls back to noya's quote earlier in the series "just keep your eyes forward because i will guard your back") (haikyuu ch386)
  • kageyama's granddad "if you get really good, i promise you, someone who's even better will come and find you" - later in the chapter the panel cuts from kageyama's lonely junior high years to hinata's "i'm here!" (haikyuu ch387)
  • tsuboguchi-san's thoughts after he sees that taichi is making a second prayer at the omi jingu temple "they're watching you. you, who work so hard for the sake of other people. omi jingu, and emperor tenji, i'm sure they're watching you" + taichi's prayer "chihaya's dream, please come true. let your extending hand take the cards. let that girl not shed bitter tears" (chihayafuru ch225)
  • sora burying her face in hikaru's arm "i'm memorizing hikaru's scent. you smell like grass. a nostalgic scent." (uchi no musume ep 9)
  • shun sitting with kurumi in front of the bonfire "lately, i've been having this weird dream. a dream where you appear" (kikazaru koi ep 3)
  • "every single one was given to me by someone else" (chihayafuru ch229)
  • "from tomorrow onwards, let's walk together. let's eat lunch together, and let's go home after work together." / "what are you saying?" / "i'm asking you to go out with me." (school 2021)
  • oto and soramame learn that they were born only 7 days apart "a world without you for 7 days must have been lonely" (yuugure tsunagu ep 4)
  • "but i will grow up" / "we'll wait until you grow up then" / "but when i grow up, he'll fall for someone else" (secretly secretly ep 7)
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