• if you wish it, i will offer you myself / entrust me with all the sadness that befalls you (arashi - dear snow)
  • all of my childhood wishes / do they need to come true to be remembered? (yuki - dramatic)
  • just how long am i going to hold on to the same words (suneohair - split)
  • i always gave worthless things names and called them treasures (news - endless summer)
  • my heart, pounding loudly in my chest / my feet, now frozen like they never are / my tears, silently trickling down my face / they tell me this is my first love (utada hikaru - hatsukoi)
  • even the most silent universe / has the shiniest star / it will disappear someday, born someday / and forgive you and me someday (hebe tien - insignificance)
  • even if you cover your ears / push me awa...
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  • nomiya making a 9-hour drive to tokyo from tottori after getting off the phone with yamada and sensing that she's about to cry (honey and clover s2)
  • mayama lying on a bench nursing a cigarette when ayumi comes to confront him about him missing the lecture he wanted to get into so much just for rika, and he said to her "stop having feelings for me" (honey and clover l.a.)
  • yamada to morita: there was a girl who could neither make this person run nor stand still. tell me… how can this girl find happiness? (honey and clover l.a.)
  • tsubaki: ever since he was a little kid, tsukasa has always been by himself - the scene cuts to tsukasa alone in his room doing 1000-piece puzzles (hana yori dango)
  • when haruto finds out that tenma doesn't believe in oto regarding her assaulter's ...
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