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All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, They were born, And then they lived, And then they died. It seems so unfair. I want to cry.

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  • smokey robinson’s son, barry (palladium)
  • a drunk woman leans over and says “you have no idea what it’s like to find a heart balloon in the wilderness.” (hp bowl)
  • valentines day couple - woman with disability shaking uncontrollably but still on that dance floor with her lover (resident)
  • guy with mtv jacket and tons of buttons (grand star)
  • small person owning it (grand star)
  • black and yellow deep make out session next to us (off beat)
  • black female goth in wheelchair with no limbs who swayed to the music (the lash)
  • young black kid who amazingly danced with james to soul music (short stop)
  • man who wears overalls and dances around in dramatic way all over (echoplex)
  • old man with pony tail and piercing dancing each week by himself (grand star)
  • james's doppleganger circa 22 (resident)
  • black cowboy goth with crucifix and boots and hat (lash)
  • morrissey-styled non-stop dancer (everywhere)
  • star trek costumed people dancing with star wars costumed people (la cita)
  • scary clown trans goth dancing guy (lash)
  • new orleans dude james had a dance off with
  • young punk black kid with afro who comes to dance to 80s often, lots of buttons (offbeat)
  • korean goth who broke her ankle in her giant platforms (lash)
  • old barback paying off his debt by cleaning tables (grand star)
  • old man with flat top who just smiles and dances to the music by himself (offbeat)
  • big cuddly group of mexican long haired metal head heshers who will sing/dance to anything (offbeat)
  • goth grumpy girl who always seems to have a cake or cupcakes
  • 20th century boy every thursday (offbeat)
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