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What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all round the sun. What a beautiful dream that could flash on the screen in a blink of an eye and be gone from me. Let me hold it close and keep it here with me. And one day we will die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea. But for now we are young, let us lay in the sun and LIST every beautiful thing we can see.

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“Now our lives are changing fast…Hope that something pure can last.” – Arcade Fire. This is regarding "like-based-scrolling-feed" social media. I appreciate personal spaces on the internet, i.e., tools like listography, blogs, etc. I know there’s hypocrisies with using social media but I try to keep myself in check. These are just my spiritual reminders. The introduction of “scrolling,” “likes,” and "follower counts" on social media changed our psychology. We broadcast to each other with a hunger (desperate hashtags, people paying for followers, etc). But, several years past our death, most of us are forgotten. It's harder work to be present, reach out, speak to each other directly, much harder than leaving an emoji.


  • lifestyle boasting: wealth, relationship, friends, etc.
  • things that don't relate to my projects / lists
  • not sharing something meaningful, creative, or funny
  • posting photos of kids in public online spaces unless they can consent to their image being projected (what goes on the internet stays there and can be used in ways unbeknownst to us)
  • excessive selfies
  • negative posts, or posts putting people down (let the news handle that)


  • SM does not nurture compassion, understanding, reason.
  • SM nurtures vanity, hate, and boasting.
  • SM profits on us focusing on our differences rather than commonalities. Focusing on where we align is the work of love which is much harder. The spectrum of hate is more easily accessible than the spectrum of love.
  • SM not a basis for measuring happiness or success; in fact, it's sometimes a measure of the opposite.
  • It's hard to achieve altruism when we project to an audience without the humanity of being together face to face.
  • I would rather be known for things I create. Trying to avoid the desire for cheap recognition - trying to avoid the mindset that I am amazing for doing everyday things.
  • I have privilege, as many Westerners do. I don’t want to subtly, unintentionally, be in the habit of bragging about my experiences. I want to nurture humility. The world is WILDLY imbalanced, and unfair, so I don't want to project my privilege when most of the world does not live the way we do.
  • I don’t want to make others feel excluded by doing things I wouldn’t do in person. I.E., I wouldn’t show up at your home and bring photos of me with friends at a party, or on an adventure you weren’t invited to, and make you look at the photos. Even if indirect, I don’t want to bring that left-out energy to anyone I know. I want to be intentional. We don't know the emotional impact of what we broadcast to others.
  • The world is falling apart environmentally, and in a multitude of other ways. Posting about my personal life seems a bit out of perspective. 50% of Americans get their news from FB. We used to read journalism.
  • The loss of intellectualism and expertise due to anyone with a laptop becoming a medical, psychological, and climate expert. So annoyed when people say, "I'm not an expert but..." Facebook and Instagram profit off misinformation and hate speech which is genius because that is what we sell to each other like snake oil, like masses of low self-esteem sheep.
  • I don’t want to find myself selling who I am. We’re here on earth briefly. I don't want to take my daily emotions and package them as a sellable commodity, especially when feelings are ever-evolving.
  • I don’t want to push my life-style onto a feed. Your happiness is as unique as who you are. People will make parenting, hiking, travel, etc, seem like the answer to happiness. I don’t want to sell my version of happiness to you.
  • Nothing changes your feeling about a moment more than seeing hundreds of people taking the exact same photo. And we now copy each other’s moments and mimic each other’s lives. The photo is now a social commodity, a low-self-esteem projection of our worth. Like a Ferrari flaunted by someone “over compensating” for what they're lacking; we instead flaunt on social media ––pointing to our shortcomings by over-projecting.
  • The extensive amount of psychological research being done on social media with regards to causing depression and anxiety that we ignore.
  • I don’t want a HABIT of scrolling out of my present by looking at another person’s present. I don’t want a massively capitalistic application to take me away from my present. I don’t want to find myself looking at a beautiful view and then contextualizing it in terms of a social media post.
  • It is the lowest common denominator of our DNA to want attention, and that’s why it’s a BILLION dollar business. Advertising for decades has played upon our weaknesses to be like the ideal images they sold us, and our deep-seated feeling that we aren’t good enough. Now they’ve simply found a better way to make money, for us to advertise ourselves to each other. Brilliant.
  • Social media does not nurture authenticity. I’ve known people in unhappy relationships, or who are generally unhappy, selling a projected idea of happiness as though they're modeling for a catalog, but not the truth of their lives.
  • I look at the way kids live without the knowledge of the internet, and how the old couples walking the streets of Kyoto live, and how my dog lives. Better life goals.
  • Don’t want the habit of choosing, scrutinizing, what to like or not like. Don’t need my judgement brain functions lit up all the time. I don’t want to judge people all day in a scrolling loop.
  • The trends and hashtags and "phrases" that we cycle through, always jumping another train to satiate our ego. Suddenly, every person is in a toxic, abusive, narcissist hashtag relationship or friendship. Suddenly, we're all activists. We're leeches to these phrases. Sucking them dry till the next phrase comes along we can claim.
  • I want to protect my soul from psychological habits created by men for profits (unhealthy habits that destroy our spirituality). You get to do this life once. I don't want to put my life up for sale for their profits.
  • I didn’t really use SM until Covid hit. I don’t feel closer to people after these years of SM. Most of my in-life friends don’t use it. Gatherings and phone calls still feel so much warmer.
  • Survey says, people never walk away from SM feeling good. It is an act of self love to stop doing things that aren't good for us, that are empty (like reading celebrity gossip).
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