My mind thinks too much. It's literally all over the place. I've thought up, down, sideways, diagonal, name it I have probably done it. Over thinking man. Ruins me sometimes. Anyways... Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Im so blessed to have the best boyfriend ever. I have never loved someone so much in my life. Im not sure if he has ever been in love.. we never really talk about our past. But yeah, idk if hes ever been. I know i thought i was in my past. But never really loved someone like i loved brandend. Haha. Wow i sound so stupid for even blogging this. He takes care of me the best way he can. I love how he makes me realize that im happy about the little things in life. Like seriously.. haha. The thing i love most about him is that he tries to make the best out of everything he/we have. Even the little things. Like I didnt have a mug for my hot chocolate, we used a measuring cup :) Dont have nice plates or a big fridge in his "house" but he makes it work. I love helping him with grocery shopping, even if I or he is lazy sometimes. I love it. I love the way he holds me, especially during sushi time ") . Haaaaah. Okay im done. Later.

jan 22 2014 ∞
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