TF2 is a multi-shipper's dream, I like pretty much every merc x merc pairing! Any pairing I'm not totally into, I can probably be convinced into with good enough fic and art :) I like top Scout, whether he's dominant, the pursuer, or just plain topping during sex in the relationship. Also bottom Spy. Cuz Spy is sekushi and gets hurt a lot in SFMs.

Scout/Spy is my favorite!

  • Whether platonic, romantic, or sexual, SCOUT CAN NEVER GET LAID. Scout wishes he could! I draw NSFW of them, but it's not canon even to myself cuz SCOUT IS A 27 yr old PERMAVIRGIN.
  • ~ I understand that this pairing makes ppl uncomfortable. Please mute/block/unfollow as needed! I know it's pretty silly of me to deny dadSpy and continue shipping them as "non-incest"! I'm personally uncomfortable with dadSpy and shipping them as father/son, and I've only ever known them as unrelated mercs from 2007-2018. To quote my buddy Marty, "Scout/Spy shippers have had a hard time since Valve retconned Spy as Scout's dad; some of us were in the fandom before that, and we have needs. If you're out looking for incest, you'll have to look elsewhere." So. Yeah. Stay safe!
  • ~ Another warning: I focus heavily on the age/maturity disparity in their relationship, especially in the context of that disparity making them romantically incompatible. I also interpret some part of their relationship as abusive, whether it's them physically abusing (killing/maiming) or verbally abusing each other. Sometimes I like to make Spy emotionally abusive/manipulative towards Scout in his attempts to ward off Scout's affection.
  • Headcanons: Scout is 27, but very immature for his age. He's been in the mercs since he was 17, and hasn't matured emotionally beyond extreme desensitization to violence. Spy is 54 and very jaded. He joined the mercs at the same time as Scout, when he was 44. Spy may or may not have fucked Scout's mom more than once. Both Spy and Scout came from poverty, and much of Spy's contempt (as well as concern) comes from seeing himself as a young man in Scout's personality. Spy is happily bisexual, while Scout thinks he's hetero cuz he doesn't understand there's anything else.
  • My interpretation of the romantic pairing is Scout has an one-sided crush on Spy, a parallel version of Scout's canon crush on Miss Pauling (though I won't exclude Scout having an incredibly powerful bisexual crush on both~). Like Miss P, Spy does not reciprocate Scout's affection, and has more of a mentor/fatherly (lol -_-) concern for Scout. Scout is more than happy getting friendzoned though!
  • This is my favorite ship cuz I see so many possibilities! And out of all the mercs, Scout n' Spy have interacted the most (Meet the Spy, Exp Date, and Jungle Inferno), so their established relationship and banter is a great point to jump off for fic n art. I love the contrast between annoying street rat Scout and "refined" pretentious Spy. In the end, both of them are lonely and somewhat ostracized from the team (Scout cuz he's by far the youngest merc, as well as the most abrasive personality-wise. Spy cuz no one trusts him or takes him seriously), so I feel they have a bond.
  • Top Scout/Spy is my preference. But as long as Scout's the one pursuing Spy, and if Spy is VERY VERY VERY nice, I'm open to Spy topping. Blueballs + chaste no-buttsex gives me life for Scout/Spy. Daddy-dom is my top (hehe) turnoff.
    • I'll probably end up talking about AUs...

      • Most prevalent is my stupidass student/teacher au, based off the Track Terrorizor text: "For a brief stint in high school, Scout joined the track team in one of his many schemes to pick up girls. He was kicked off the team after three days when everyone realized he was 23-years-old and also not enrolled in the school."
        • 2000's-early 2010's setting. Spy's a criminal masquerading as a French teacher while laying low from the law. Scout is a weed dealer and one of his worst students. Spy thinks Scout is annoying, and Scout thinks Spy is stuck-up but kinda hawt for an ugly old wrinkly dude. Wacky hijinks ensue. Sometimes Scout is a girl Scout, sometimes there are two Scouts, and sometimes Scout is a gym coach! This AU is basically a swirling maelstrom of ideas I dump upon my nameless OCs.

      • I love the Scout-chan OP very much. Scout-chan x SenSpai 4 lyfe... One-sided and NEVER requited. No lewding!!!

      • Tentaspy is a hilariously pretentious thing. Basically Spy was Scout's Mom's boyfriend, who died when Scout was young. That traumatized Scout. So he's got a dead octopus guy in the motel bathtub while he's on vacation in LA. Fun!

Soldier x Merasmus

  • This is super cute and fluffy. Soldier is an absolute menace of a roommate. Merasmus is old as fuck AND a virgin! Occasionally they'll get along, but most of the time they're tryna kill each other. What's not to love!?
  • I like this as a mostly one-sided thing as well! Soldier likes Merasmus, while Merasmus is too annoyed and (mostly) asexual to reciprocate. Mostly. I can't say no to hugs and tender loving consensual missionary...
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Soldier is 50 yrs old, while Merasmus is 6000+. OH THE AGE GAP!! Also Soldier's like 5'8" and Merasmus is at least 7 or 8 feet tall. OH THE SIZE DIFFERENCE!

  • I have a lil AU for this pairing where Soldier was originally summoned/created originally as Merasmus's familiar. So Soldier has doggie ears and a tail. That's it. I like inuboys :3

  • Also a lesbean AU. Big valkryie Soldier and old witch hag Merasmus <3
  • This is my numba 2 most loved TF2 pairing! Merasmus is the sexiest TF2 character, no debate. And Soldier is an irreplaceable part of Merasmus-sama's life <3

Soldier x Spy

  • Quite similar to Scout/Spy, in that it's another Spongebob annoying Squidward relationship! Spy's a pretentious twat, and Soldier's a bit thick. In more ways than one. Yeah, so Soldier pursues Spy and Spy's like "NON" except sometimes Spy's like *seductively* "oui oui".
  • They're allowed to bung, cuz they're both like 50+ lol. Spy may pursue Solly from time to time cuz Solly's fun to manipulate and fuck with. But Spy always leaves heartlessly in the morning :,( Oh, you chain-smoking seductress...
  • I like this one quite a bit from a aesthetic standpoint! Chunky Solly and thin crappy Spy. And I think it's totally adorable in Exp Date when Spy indulges Solly a bit during the bucket thing. Plus they're both watching Scout's date at the end (along with Demo!!!), and Solly's got a cute grin...wowie!

Scout x Demo

  • I just think they'd be such cute friends ;~; Scout happily listens to Demo's conspiracy theories about aliens and Loch Ness monsters, and he looks up to Demo's manliness (aka Demo's well-groomed beard). Demo half-heartedly listens to Scout's girl troubles and other whiny baby-man problems, but does empathize with the lil guy. They get into trouble together on the base doing ghost adventures. Also they get drunk and kiss each other on the lips good night.
  • A weirdly specific headcanon I have for this pairing is that Demo thinks Scout is a girl ("Oh, you're a wee little miss, you are!"). So Demo holds Scout away at arms length, cuz he assumes Scout needs to be treated with some semblance of chivalry like a wee lass on a military base oughtta. Scout is confused cuz he doesn't understand that Demo thinks he's a gorl. Scout really wants to wear Demo's manly kilt though.
  • I think they'd get along well cuz they're among the youngest of the team. I hc Demo's in his late 30's or early 40's lol.

  • They don't have much interaction in SFMs, so I might just hashtag SHIP IT cuz they share shoes... ah and their little interaction in Exp Date (Demo playing piano for Scout's "date") is so cute. PIANO MAN DEMO. And Demo watching with concern at the end of Scout's date in Exp Date!

Scout x Scout

  • A CLASSIC. Scout/Scout was one of my faves back in DA DAY, and it still is man.
  • Two hyperactive bunnies who can’t keep their hands off each other cuz they’re so attention and touch starved. Really, they’re the only ones who can keep up with each other. And the only ones that can stand each other.
  • Crossfaction or same team, they’ve developed a friendly rivalry at this point, competing with each other in silly things like killstreaks and jumping off cliffs on Upward. They goof off and hide during the fighting to talk about how cute Miss Pauling is, how they saw sniper jackin’ off the other day and they wonder if they could borrow his magazines, or how much they miss their mom. Sometimes they talk about running away together from the fighting, but that always ends up with one or both of them dying n’ teleporting back to their base.
  • I think it’s really cute when people draw the BLU scout blonde, to complement the color of his shirt perhaps? Just little quirks of cloning, sometimes recessive genes pop up! There’s other cloning quirks, like coming out with freckles, three of the same clone coming out at once, different genitals, or perhaps a missing leg.
  • This is the softest, gentlest, most reciprocal relationship of them all.... two tiny whiny cunty Scouts finding love with each other WIPES AWAY TEARS FROM MY EYES.... true sappholocism.
  • Of course there's the cross-faction hatesex ship with this pairing, where the Scouts are all bullies. Which is fine. I personally prefer the softer version cuz I'm soft in my ass ^_^

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