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I am 20+, please don't interact if you're under 18. Feel free to block and unfollow whenever you want!

  • You can call me whatever, whether it's deda or my name.
  • Posts can and will be NSFW, and poor quality.
  • No ship hate/fandom drama that shit's stupid.

I'll lock/unlock whenever I feel like it. Feel free to follow req. I prolly won't accept if:

  • you have no info in your bio
  • your age is unlisted and I think you're a child

If you have an issue with me, we can scout v scout MGE on Viaduct mid!

I don't like DMs. I'm better at responding on curiouscat.


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  • pixiv: I'll compile (nsfw) drawing logs here.
  • curiouscat: feel free to send requests for me to draw, ideas, or whatever behind the safety of anon :)
  • toyhouse: I'm gonna store ideas on my chars here in the future. Right now it's just my scoot n spai lol.

Message me if you'd like to see my SFW and NSFW commission sheets!

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Bolded are my faves B) I'll try to warn for content.

My tastes include:

  • TOP SCOUT who's an aggressive virgin.
  • platonic friendship, and/or abrasive rivalry
  • character studies!

I don't really like:

  • noncon/incest dad spy
  • daddy kink
  • do you notice a trend
  • I CAN read dadspy, but it has to be really well written and/or psychologically driven for me to appreciate it.

NEW!!! 2019-06-5

  • "Celebrity Fear" (NSFW) by Anonymous. Excellent fappy-time Scout with a side of pathetique-ness, it's one-sided attraction with Spy having NO IDEA who Scout is which is perfect for me.


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  • ✿ SCOUTCHAN OP ✿ by Uberchain :This is my absolute favorite SFM,and 70% of the reason I continue shipping Scout and Spy despite everything. Scout Chan is super kawaii, and Sen-spai is such a dreamboat.. I have a crush on him too.... Please watch this if you wish to understand me. It's my life story, zombies included.
  • Survival Of The Fittest by Zachariah Sco... : This is the ideal platonic Scout and Spy dynamic for me, I love the characterization in this of Spy as the composed criminal mastermind and Scout as the rabid attack dog. Get fucked up together, die together. I love it.
  • Spy gets finally seduced by DasMxD : This is the ideal sequel to Expiration Date. Hit it from behind and drive her wild.
  • CrySpy ft. ScoutiePie - "Flowers for my ...: Welp. I assume it's fanfiction as read by those popular youtubers, but they used the Scout and Spy models which is cute!
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