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Bolded are my faves B) I'll try to warn for content.

My tastes include:

  • TOP SCOUT who's an aggressive virgin.
  • platonic friendship, and/or abrasive rivalry
  • character studies!

I don't really like:

  • noncon/incest dad spy
  • daddy kink
  • do you notice a trend
  • I CAN read dadspy, but it has to be really well written and/or psychologically driven for me to appreciate it.

NEW!!! 2019-06-5

  • "Celebrity Fear" (NSFW) by Anonymous. Excellent fappy-time Scout with a side of pathetique-ness, it's one-sided attraction with Spy having NO IDEA who Scout is which is perfect for me.


Stuff for me!

  • "A Beginner's Guide to Blackmail" (NSFW) by TeratoMarty is based on my weed Scout n' sensei Spy!! I'm so totally stoked cuz it pretty much perfectly encapsulates how awkward Scout's attempts at "blackmail" and sex are, and how goddamn tired Spy is of being dicked around. Warning for dubcon, it plays with the power dynamic of that in a fun way!
  • "L'risque" (NSFW) by DrRektor is based on me n' DrRektor's discussions for Scout's masturbatory habits :^) Very short, very pathetic Scout.


  • I always liked Banimals’s stuff, I like the way they write each individual merc + interactions.
    • “Saudade” (NSFW) is one of my fav Scout/Spy fics, it gives me what the kids call da feelz. NSFW. Amputation kinda. It’s sweet and cute and I could talk about it all day. Spy in an apron, cooking and cleaning, is my motherfucking waifu. I got big talk about Spy not caring for Scout and friendzoning him, but..BUT.... I love caring mommy Spy...
    • “Window Art” (SFW) Cute as fuk. The whole team compliments Scout’s art :,) Oh yes, and some GOOD OL' G-RATED SPYSCOUT INTERACTION.
  • “Overhand, Underhand” (90% SFW) by SugarMagic is the other one of my fav Scout/Spy fics. Mostly SFW with some non-explicit sexual stuff. Nice long-ish read, dat SLOW BURN, fluffy n’ indulgent, and I can’t get over how it ends :,) Spy’s such a tease. Scout pursues Spy and emotionally tops huhuhuh.
  • “make me come alive (turn me on)” (NSFW) by ??? is smutty-with-some-feelingz Spy/Scout. WITH CATBOYS. My god. Bottom Scout, but Scout goes after Spy so it’s alright. The writer knows how to get across painful fever feelings too well. And it’s really sweet at the end. D-d-don’t tell anyone but… I like Spy being nice to Scout and reassuring him… Also yeah I guess I have a weakness for monster Spy. oh, and warning for catboy knotting.
  • “Depth Charge” (NSFW) by unicornsandbutane is a nice looooong smutty-with-feelingz TentaSpy/Scout. One of the few Tentaspy fics that got me to read to the end. Scout bottoms (to tentacles), but he pursues Spy (tentacles!) so it’s all good in the hood. The Scout dialogue in this is really entertaining, he’s such a dingus. I like Scout stealing Spy’s stuff and fapping in this fic, classic Scout.
  • “Joyeux Noel” (SFW) by babyblueavenger is a (gasp) SFW Spy & Scout christmas fluff. Not necessarily a pairing, but it’s a D*dspy that I accept cuz it’s super ambiguous. I just like Spy and Scout interacting man, I like dialogue between ‘em. Plus it’s a rather cute idea that Scout (from irish-american Boston) and Spy (from Catholic-dominated France) would accidentally meet at church. Content warning DADSPY.
  • “Shopping with Spy and Scout” (NSFW) by sillyscrunchy . With HUFFFF Scout topping. Kinda. Another one with a tease ending. No matter what, Scout just can’t get his dick real wet, huh?
  • “Put Ur Fuckin Clothes Back On” (NSFW) by ElloMenoP. Ostensibly Scout wants to bottom, but hey he pursues and annoys Spy so it’s okey dokey. No-buttsex. Just fapping each other.
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