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I tend to focus on one thing very intensely for an extended period of time, and never shut up about it.

Current fixation:

  • TF2! ❤ I've been on and off in the gay side of the fandom since 2007, occasionally I'll play the actual game. I love watching fan animations and reading fic! Please rec me SFM or fic at any time!


  • I can listen to most things (yeah, including harsh noise and Justin Bieber), but I especially love 70's/80's/90's rock and metal!
    • Hair metal and black metal is a special interest.
  • I like learning about the context of the cultural era music came from, as well musicians' intent and stories.
  • Alice Cooper, KISS, Queen, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Steel P*nther, Motley Crue, The Cure, Rammstein, Die Antwoord, Strapping Young Lad + Devin Townsend, QOTSA, etc.
  • Feel free to recommend music to me!
  • I think I'm getting too old to stand for 2 hours at a concert. Is that why all the old folk sit in the back with their arms folded?!?

Other stuff that's on my mind...


  • BNHA: not updated, I'm just waiting for All Might to die in the manga :)
  • Naruto: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals is the greatest anime of all time. I skipped all of shippuden to the last 5 episodes and that's enough nart for me lol.
  • YuGiOh Duel Monsters: 4kidz dub 4lyfe
  • After The Rain: finished the anime! It's a very sweet "coming-of-age" story framed in a one-sided romance. I'd point to this as a very good depiction of my ideal fictional unrequited age gap romance.


  • Venture Bros: a childhood favorite, finally caught up in 2018!
  • Metalocalypse: Very inspirational to me as a kid.
  • Ed Edd n Eddy: I learned to draw from this show!


  • Fallout New Vegas: My fav of the series! I love installing 50 mods, firing the game up to rp a character, then forgetting after a week lolz.
  • Silent Hill: 2 is my favorite!
  • Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines: I love the writing!


  • Spider-Man 2002: Every so often I will go through a Spider-Man 2002 phase and repost the same frames of Willem Dafoe's tiny nipples.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974: Aesthetically beautiful, incredible atmosphere
  • V/H/S 2012: the only movie that legit scares me. I don't like blurry lil guys moving around. The ideas are creative!
  • Phantom of The Opera 2004: The songs are dope for 3am karaoke, and I'm a sucker for the uggo-incel-gets-friendzoned romance story!


  • Wrestling: The 90's and early 2000's stuff is very nostalgic for me! I like Brock Lesnar, Kane, The Undertaker, Luna Vachon, Goldust, Dolph Ziggler, and our lord and savior John Cena.
  • Reading: Just in general! Reading fic, reading articles, reading media analysis, reading ppl's shared experiences, reading new perspectives on everything! I guess I don't really read published books, but I think I enjoy non-fiction the best.
  • Medical stuff and mysteries: This is kinda similar to true crime, but I don't really like to read about people getting murdered. I prefer learning about stuff like the French dude who couldn't stop eating, strange disappearances, Bigfoots and UFO's, or dudes giving birth to their teratoma fetus brother 50 yrs after they were born.
  • Fashion: I don't know any designer names but I do like observing what the average person wears in any given 20th-21st century decade. What's with everything being camel-brown and striped in the 70's?! Can we ever live up to the goth thots of the 80's?
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