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I am 20+, please don't interact if you're under 18. Feel free to block and unfollow whenever you want!

  • You can call me whatever, whether it's deda or my name.
  • Posts can and will be NSFW, and poor quality.
  • No ship hate/fandom drama that shit's stupid.

I'll lock/unlock whenever I feel like it. Feel free to follow req. I prolly won't accept if:

  • you have no info in your bio
  • your age is unlisted and I think you're a child

If you have an issue with me, we can scout v scout MGE on Viaduct mid!

I don't like DMs. I'm better at responding on curiouscat.


As mangaka Gengoroh Tagame's website says: "If you are not an adult, or if you think those contents will hurt your feeling,click "Back" icon of your browser immediately."

I draw and RT:

  • SFW shippy art: mostly BL, sometimes GL, rarely hetero
  • NSFW art
  • Guro/gore/grotesque/horror art
  • Suggestive photography
  • Puppies and kitties
  • Memes
  • Art-related shit about censorship, media analysis, etc.


do not follow or interact if:

  • you are under 18
  • that's it

I don't care what fake shit you're into, as long as you're not an actual literal rapist or kiddydiddler. I do not care what people draw, as long as it's not racist or homophobic or some shit. Even if I hate what they draw and I think it's disgusting I just block shit I don't like because I'm a functioning adult. Do not involve me in internet drama.

If I've blocked you it's probably because you're an irl creep, you threaten people, you screenshot people to make fun of them, you circumvent blocks, you have "block if you like (any fictional content)" in your profile, you're a child, or you just post stuff I don't want to see. I run blockchains and use mass blocklists, so if you think there's been a mistake, feel free to message me on curiouscat or w/e.

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