• Salary. Only employ as many people as you can afford to pay a livable salary.
  • Buy your employees lunch every now and then! Or all the time!
  • 20+ paid vacation days/year
  • lots and lots of maternity leave, paid if possible!
  • good healthcare/doctors
  • cheap healthcare options, even/especially for part-time employees

Environment + People Management + Working Together

  • Be a servant leader. Be 100% willing to do the most menial tasks.
  • Treat people like they matter. Customers and employees are both people.
  • Recognize leadership in others; hone and encourage it.
  • Evaluate folks (leaders especially) on their ability to encourage others and foster a positive work environment.
  • Let people figure out the best ways for them to get their work accomplished--do not micromanage.
  • Trust goes both ways: empower your team to do their job well and to make decisions that support both the business and the customer. And be the kind of manager who can be trusted to make the right decisions in leading a healthy and dynamic team.
  • grace is the most important characteristic of a leader. Do not have the fatalistic attitude that if something is not 100% right, then it must be 100% wrong. Give praise for good efforts, and give continued guidance for constant improvement.
  • "HR" policies are really important. Make sure they are clearly defined, and clearly/fairly implemented.
  • When disagreements arise, face things head-on, but be mindful of personality differences and different conflict resolution tactics. Have the courage to deal with difficult situations.
  • Regularly seek feedback on these issues and practices, on new ideas and programs, on all aspects of working together to achieve a common goal. Respond to this feedback.
  • Take time and care in hiring. Hard skills and soft skills are both really important, but soft skills are much harder to teach.
  • Understand and respect that there is life beyond the workplace.
  • Proper training is of critical importance. People can't grow on their own like plants; we need development and input to reach new heights.
  • Leaders are not above reproach. Their is no hierarchy for feedback.
  • Employees need to be/feel safe, trained, respected, invested in, and valued to be empowered.

What We Do:

  • It matters because ___!!!!!
  • Visibly, palpably, credibly and consistently stand for something beyond profit.
  • Integrity and transparency (openness and honesty), in all things, at every level of operation.
  • Let people know what to expect. Whether that means they know every day could be different, or they know they're going to get the same quality product every time.

Business + Numbers:

  • If numbers are how you define success, and you want your employees to engage with that measure of success, communicate those numbers often, and make them relevant to their every job performance.
  • People come first, but we are trying to run a business and make a profit here. Remember that.
  • To reward a job well done, weigh the difference between offering a one-time bonus and offering a raise spread throughout the year.
  • Make sure people have the tools to do their job well. Sometimes, you've got to spend money to make money.
  • Give back. Give away. Live generously. Make this a business practice as much as a personal one.
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