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• separated by main tags! (e.g college au, enemies to lovers, canon compliant, et cetera)

• vmin & sometimes vminkook!

• ♡ for personal favs


• close to the stars ♡ (15k; mature; i need u related; mental health issues)

• paint ♡ (74.8k; explicit; drag au; humor; some angst)

• group invite pending ♡ (31k; explicit; vminkook; established vmin; overwatch; smut)

• put it in a fruit machine (everyone's a winner) (7k; mature; phone sex; fluff and crack; really funny)

• love is simple (it's all timing and luck) (3k; general audiences; drabble; fluff)

• simmer down and pucker up (1.6k; general audiences; kissing booth; fluff; crack)

• blame it on the black star (6; angst; implied/referenced suicide; self-harm; dissociation; meet-cute)

• with you or not at all (4k; teen and up audiences; housemates; childhood memories; humor; fluff; mild angst)

• old habits (10k; explicit; exes with benefits; angst and porn; no happy ending; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• who doesn't love a good meat-cute? (4k; teen and up audiences; meet-cute; fluff)

• pablo honey, is this desire? (5k; mature; post breakup)

• only fools (6.9k; teen and up audiences; april fools; getting together)

• baby steps (1.5k; teen and up audiences; hurt/comfort; references to depression; cuddling & snuggling)

• up for air (4k; explicit; spies & secret agents; making out; undercover missions)

• never shoot to miss (14k; teen and up audiences; mr and mrs smith au; angst with a happy ending)

• dip in (2k; mature; finger sucking)

• til the fever broke (40k; mature; hunger games au; enemies to friends; ambiguous relationship)

what was the question again? (3k; general audiences; fluff; introspection; pining; rain)

• salty blueberry (1.9k; teen and up audiences; movie night; first date)

• of henchmen and hostages (4k; teen and up audiences; superheroes au; kidnapping; meet-cute; crack; flirting)

• the downfall of the kissing booth king (1.8k; teen and up audiences; kissing booth; rivalry; fluff; humor)

• they call me a menace (30.9k; explicit; street racing; mutual pining; angst; jimin is a street racer)

• serendipity (12k; explicit; strangers to lovers; beach sex; summer love)

• sidereal (6k; not rated; growing up together; domestic violence)

• reprise (17k; explicit; past lives; angst; implied suicide)

• a good distraction (2.9k; not rated; making out; spies & secret agents; crack)

• our burned bridges (29k; mature; vminkook; spies & secret agents; angst with a happy ending)

• oh, gimme a time machine (3k; teen and up audiences; time travel; fluff and crack)

• my taste in music is your face (13k; explicit; rock band au; they used to know each other)

• can you hear my kokoro beat for you? ♡ (7k; teen and up audiences; cosplay; manga & anime; fluff and crack)

• mai tai with extra ice (2.9k; teen and up audiences; meet-cute; blind date; fluff; first dates; fluff)

• i am a good boy ♡ (25k; explicit; vminkook; threesome; dom jimin; sub jungkook; exhibitionism; taehyung walks in on jikook n wants IN)

• lonely hearts club (76k; explicit; emotional hurt/comfort; past relationships; pining; mental health issues)

• who without you (132k; mature; post-break up; getting back together; angst; slow burn; pining; eventual happy ending)

• a man's morality ♡ (81k; mature; 19th century; heavy angst; emotional hurt/comfort; forbidden love; cheating; secret affair; unhappy ending)

• dark matter ♡ (8k; teen and up audiences; friends to stangers; letters; unhappy ending)

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