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• separated by main tags! (e.g college au, enemies to lovers, canon compliant, et cetera)

• vmin & sometimes vminkook!

• ♡ for personal favs


• this is not a dream ♡ (12k; teen and up audiences; magical realism; personal growth; self-discovery; jimin is very secure on loving taehyung)

• if i'm bad, you're worse ♡ (33k; explicit; vminkook; incubus jimin; fwb taekook; top jimin; top taehyung; bottom jungkook)

• ars mortis. labor vitae ♡ (151k; explicit; vampire taehyung; human jimin; slowburn; friends to lovers)

• such stuff as dreams are made on (38k; teen and up audiences; cinderella elements; prince jimin; kitchen boy taehyung; light angst)

• i will make you whole (36k; explicit; vampire jimin; human taehyung)

• to the moon and back ♡ (82k; teen and up audiences; vminkook; werewolf jungkook; established vmin

• coax the cold right out of me ♡ (35k; explicit; wip; vampire taehyung; human jimin; blood drinking; hurt/comfort; light angst)

• fireflies (12k; teen and up audiences; fairies; college; taehyung is a fairy; fluff)

• the lottery (12.8k; explicit; fairy-tale; modern royalty; college)

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jan 7 2021 +

• kennel blues ♡ (4k; teen and up audiences; slice of life; domestic fluff; yeontan!!)

• symposium (20k; mature; vminkook; almost the whole thing is about flashbacks; jungkook gets drunk & asks about love)

• a guide to (not) keeping your relationship a secret (4k; teen and up audiences; fluff; humor established relationship)

• i'd give up forever to touch you (5k; explicit; military; fluff and smut; intercrural sex; light angst; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• their love (4k; teen and up audiences; vminkook; light angst; fluff; valentine's day)

• already midnight (3.9k; mature; new year's party; humor)

• like the sweetener you are (5k; not rated; established relationship; youtuber jimin; fluff; boyfriend does my makeup tag)

• memory lane (7k; explicit; flashbacks; they go through their photo albums; hurt/comfort; domestic; light angst)

• dead man's arms (19k; explicit; crime scenes; slice of life; established relationship; co-works; ...

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nov 18 2020 +

• serendipity ♡ (107; explicit; space pirates; friends with beneifts; friends to lovers; flirting; humor)

• impact (15k; science fiction; space; action/adventure; fluff; minor violence)

• voices of a distant star (18.8k; teen and up audiences; hurt/comfort; long-distance relationship)

jan 8 2020 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• first love (i call out to you) ♡ (16k; explicit; alpha taehyung; alpha jimin; alpha/alpha; shapeshifting; non-trad abo; friends to lovers; switching)

• dry my eyes (27k; explicit; alpha jimin; omega taehyung; underage; canon compliant; pack dynamics; minor violence)

• closer (5.7k; explicit; alpha taehyung; omega jimin; cockwarming; idol-verse; top taehyung; bottom jimin)

• rope and leather (5.8k; explicit; alpha taehyung; alpha jimin; rut sex; rope bondage; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• hahahaha, ah, oh my god... stupid alphas think that I need them (9.8k; explicit; omega taehyung; omega jimin; switching)

• here and there (5k; explicit; omega taehyung; omega jimin; dom jimin; sub taehyung; edging)

• now in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? (7k; explicit; alpha jiminn; beta taehyung; royalty; non-trad abo)

• push and pull (44k; explicit; wip; alpha jimin; omega taehyung)

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nov 18 2020 +

• my sky is clear ♡ (5k; explicit; vminkook; coming out; kissing; some smut)

• gilded ♡ (9k; teen and up audiences; one sided; angst with no happy ending; but hopeful i guess; not for vmin though; taehyung-centric; internalized homophobia)

• ask me anything ♡ (31k; explicit; texting; sexting; coming out)

• i don't know when i started loving you (now it's all that i can do) ♡ (8.9k; explicit; porn without plot; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• act natural ♡ (6k; explicit; semi-public sex)

population: you & me ♡ (3k; explicit; established relationship; sleepy sex; fluff; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• more than yesterday ♡ (4k; teen and up audiences; vmin in paris; tooth rotting fluff)

• waiting all night (5k; teen and up audiences; tooth rotting fluff; oblivious taehyung; cheesy af... love it here)

• you know i know (8k; explicit; porn with feelings; hurt/comfort; praise kink; lots of talking)

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nov 18 2020 +

• common ground ♡ (44k; explicit; tutoring; taehyung is a brat; sort of enemies to lovers)

• you're the best (i wanna know about your day) ♡ (8k; teen and up audiences; ballet!jimin; theater!taehyung; fluff)

• morning, noon, and night (14k; teen and up audiences; yoongi & jimin are fwb though no yoonmin; light angst; strangers to friends to lovers;

• worth the risk (23k; explicit; friends with benefits; friends to lovers; pining; light angst; love confessions)

• check you out (you're beautiful) (4k; meet-cute; fluff; taehyung is a cashier and jimin stops by twice a week)

• is that a banana in your pocket, or...? ♡ (34k; explicit; vminkook; cat hybrid jimin; smut;

• b-f-f (best fucking friends) ♡ (27k; explicit; friends with benefits; no romance; mostly smut)

• golden haze (34k; explicit; jimin is an alien; humor; minor violence)

• i have the sweetest of sights, you've got to know it (25k; explicit; taehyung is a photograph...

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nov 18 2020 +

• to whom it may concern (16k; teen and up audiences; actors; red string of fate; some angst; social media)

• tonight, we'll defy the stars (hello my old heart) (22k; general audiences; angst; THIS HURTS LIKE A BITHC)

• i can't live if i lose you (16k; mature; violence; parallel universes; taehyung keeps dying save him)

• i have stories. i have scars (21k; explicit; angst; angst with a happy ending; hurt/comfot

• i'll lead (and you have no choice) (22k; teen and up audiences; red string of fate; college; some angst)

• we feel the same within our veins (12k; teen and up audiences; strangers to lovers; fluff; supernatural elements; meet-cute)

• my favorite faded fantasy (12k; teen and up audiences; red string of fate; hurt/comfort; dreams; metaphors)

jan 1 2020 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• summer, winter, spring (i'm falling for you) ♡ (41k; teen and up audiences; friends to lovers; mutual pining; fluff; childhood friends; slowburn)

• it's time to let go of this endless summer afternoon (9k; mature; angst; angst with a happy ending; depression; suicide attempt (not graphic); healing)

• shōnen-ai love you (4k; teen and up audiences; crushes; fluff; taehyung tries to woo jimin using bl tropes)

• mudlands & yellow acacia (53k; wip; explicit; secret admirer; falling in love; 1990s; angst; ANGST!!!!)

jan 6 2020 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• i just adore you asking for more ♡ (90k; explicit; sex work; sugar daddy; dom jimin; sub taehyung; dom for rent; slowburn)

• bigtown boys ♡ (6k; explicit; modeling; marathon sex; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• re della moda ♡ (30k; explicit; modeling; rivalry; from sex to love; hurt/comfort; angst with a happy ending; switching; though it only happens once i think; so it's mostly top jimin & bottom taehyung)

• lovers' alibi (42; explicit; secret relationship; light angst)

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nov 18 2020 +

• if i'm bad, you're worse ♡ (33k; explicit; vminkook; incubus jimin; fwb taekook; top jimin; top taehyung; bottom jungkook)

• x marks the spot ♡ (14k; explicit; established relationship; cock slapping; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• i don't know when i started loving you (now it's all that i can do) ♡ (8.9k; explicit; canon compliant; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• kinky sex makes the world go 'round ♡ (3.8k; explicit; established relationship; face sitting; face fucking)

• early bird, night owl (11k; explicit; established relationship; domestic smut)

• top & bottom (4k; explicit; established relationship; edging; orgasm denial; power bottom jimin)

stop (in the name of love) (1k; explicit; vminkook; edging; overstimulation; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• hungry as shadow, silent as worship (8k; explicit; established relationship; puppy play; subspace; sir kink; dom jimi...

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jan 7 2021 +

• rumor has it ♡ (6k; explicit; slytherin jimin; hufflepuff taehyung; sentient tattoos; snake bondage)

• the most beautiful and terrible thing (5k; general audiences; slytherin jimin; hufflepuff taehyung; veritaserum; fluff; some crack)

• just us (9k; explicit; slytherin jimin; gryffindor taehyung; love potion; bath sex)

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nov 18 2020 +

• summer, winter, spring (i'm falling for you) ♡ (41k; teen and up audiences; highschool au; mutual pining; childhood friends; slowburn)

• the incident (and all that came after) ♡ (28k; explicit; smut; jimin asks taehyung to have sex with him; turmoil entails)

• i'll be your shelter ♡ (5k; teen and up audiences; fluff; bets)

• if i wanted to (i do) ♡ (41k; general audiences; royalty; arranged marriage; domestic fluff; So much fluffi its unreal; slowburn)

• ring the changes (45k; explicit; unrequited love; angst with a happy ending; confessions; mother trucker dude that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick)

• i like us like this ♡ (49k; explicit; camboy jimin; enthusiastic volunteer taehyung; light bdsm)

• and they were roommates (7k; teen and up audiences; jealousy; jimin thinks hes homophobic; turns out hes fallen in love & feeling jelly)

• call it magic (when i'm with you) (12k; teen and up audiences; magic; jimi...

dec 31 2019 ∞
jan 7 2021 +

• the longest road (32k; explicit; post breakup; angst; getting back together; switching)

• we own the sky (15k; teen and up audiences; mutual pining; slowburn; minor violence; slowburn

• it happened quiet (5.8k; teen and up audiences; getting together)

jan 8 2020 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• close to the stars ♡ (15k; mature; i need u related; mental health issues)

• paint ♡ (74.8k; explicit; drag au; humor; some angst)

• group invite pending ♡ (31k; explicit; vminkook; established vmin; overwatch; smut)

• put it in a fruit machine (everyone's a winner) (7k; mature; phone sex; fluff and crack; really funny)

• love is simple (it's all timing and luck) (3k; general audiences; drabble; fluff)

• simmer down and pucker up (1.6k; general audiences; kissing booth; fluff; crack)

• blame it on the black star (6; angst; implied/referenced suicide; self-harm; dissociation; meet-cute)

• with you or not at all (4k; teen and up audiences; housemates; childhood memories; humor; fluff; mild angst)

• old habits (10k; explicit; exes with benefits; angst and porn; no happy ending; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

• who doesn't love a good meat-cute? (4k; teen and up audiences; meet-cute; f...

jan 7 2020 ∞
jan 7 2021 +

• what's on the menu (me n u) ♡ (23k; teen and up audiences; taehyung works in a fast food restaurant; references to depression; fluff and angst)

• caramel macchiato (2k; teen and up audiences; fluff; valentine's day; barista taehyung)

• meaner than mean ♡ (25k; explicit; wip; tsundere cafe; maid costumes; romcom; slice of life; humor)

• a midsummer night's dream (7k; explicit; past relationship; pining; confessions)

• extra cream (7k; teen and up audiences; barista jimin)

• the usual (27.9k; teen and up audiences; diners; fluff; mild angst; poor taehyung)

jan 1 2020 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• for richer or poorer ♡ (15k; mature; marriage proposals; friends to lovers; college au)

• swipe right (26k; mature; college au; friends to lovers; taehyung pretends to be jimin's bf to ward off some guy jimin met on tinder)

• shooting stars and silver moons (20k; explicit; jikook is the fake relationship; and taehyung is jealous jimin didnt choose him to be his fake bf; college au; some angst)

• setting in a honeymoon (me & you) ♡ (15k; explicit; friends to lovers; spa treatments; fluff and humor; lingerie; smut; top jimin; bottom taehyung)

dec 31 2019 ∞
nov 18 2020 +

• even the weariest river ♡ (152k; explicit; royalty; historical fantasy; graphic violence; slow burn)

• common ground ♡ (44k; explicit; college au; secret relationship)

• playing with fire ♡ (30k; teen and up audiences; bantering; actor taehyung; dancer jimin)

• oh he's a knockout (24k; explicit; workplace; humor; bets & wager)

• shotgun kissin' (8k; teen and up audiences; college au; fluff and humor)

• red lipstick (7k; explicit fashion & models; smut)

• holiday lessons ♡ (40k; teen and up audiences; single parents; fluff; romcom; christmas eve)

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