Physical health-

    • Go on a diet
    • Work on cutting down caffeine
    • Cut off caffeine completely
    • Start working out at least three times a week
    • Cut down on fast food
    • Start cooking more healthy foods

Mental health-

    • Get back on medication
    • Go back to counseling
    • Find healthier ways to cope with my anxiety and depression
    • Go at least a month without thinking of s*icide
    • Go this entire year without relapsing
    • Work on helping my insomnia
    • Go a week without crying over something
    • Start thinking more positively
    • Start liking myself a little more
    • Be kinder and more patient with myself


    • Maintain my GPA this semester
    • Finally decide on a university
    • Participate in graduation
    • Go to the Latino Club's celebration dinner
    • Survive my last semester in college
    • Survive my first semester in University


    • Try to go out on the weekends more
    • Reconnect with old friends
    • Show those I love I love them weekly
    • Try to make at least three new friends
    • Meet Ashley and Ada over summer
    • Become friends with my new roommate at University
    • Be more social overall

Personal goals-

    • Take some cooking classes
    • Learn the dance to at least three Infinite songs
    • Learn how to drive
    • Take a road trip with friends
    • Go back and thank my old teachers before leaving
    • Either volunteer or work for an organization
    • Go on a ride along with the police
    • Join a march/protest
    • Start speaking up for myself more
    • Donate to a cancer organization
    • Get back into writing
    • Try something I'm deathly scared of doing
    • Go to a concert
    • Read at least 5 books not related to schoolwork
    • Be happy with my life
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