before actually moving in:

  • extermination & preventative measures
  • consolidate existing things to as few rooms as possible
  • move dog crate back to 444
  • set up internet (Verizon)
  • move electric
  • transfer economist
  • transfer tea time
  • transfer cooks illustrated
  • re-setup dollar shave club
  • change address for hello fresh (honey I have MISSED you)
  • have chimney inspected & cleaned
  • bathroom remodel (upstairs)
  • inspect & reconnect stove to gas line

month 1

  • estimate gathering for remaining *house totals*
  • order firewood storage
  • clear 2 rooms
    • bedroom 2
    • bedroom 3

house total

  • full rat extermination - 1,900ish
    • get quote
    • enact the project
    • ongoing pest control for yard/house
  • air conditioning - 3-9k
  • roof replacement estimate
  • driveway repair estimate
  • gable vent replacement estimate
  • what the ever-loving fuck are we doing with that tree?
    • trimming it. I refuse to get rid of one more tree.
  • window replacement - originally quoted 15k (25k?)
  • front porch inspo

finish 2nd floor bathroom

  • $6000 for current projected overhaul re: tub/shower & vanity sink
    • drag mother to ikea & show her the vanity options
      • no seriously, we are not putting in Ferguson fucking vanities I have better shit to waste my money on
  • rainfall shower head
  • heated flooring
  • bidet

convert smallest bedroom to closet

  • inspo
  • shoe rack under window - $300
  • floor mirror
  • shelf with hanging bar (left wall on entry)
  • day bed?
    • or floating shelves along wall
    • this gets to be the accent wall, so should probably be visually striking -- **ivy on brick** wallpaper?
    • alt - mid century modern white sofa/loveseat
  • ottoman
  • rug (6x9ish?)
  • lingerie chest? (potentially could go in bedroom)
  • white chair (potentially could go in bedroom)
  • plants
    • monstera
    • pothos
    • jade
  • door as to be secure-able, so cat cannot get into clothes or plants

mudroom overhaul

  • look into new washer/dryer (HE appliances) - or at least have current ones inspected so I have an idea how much longer they'll last
    • add built in ladder or step stool
  • redo storage inspo
  • potentially get quote for converting that entire area to a second full bathroom
      • standup shower
      • bidet/japanese toilet seat
  • hole in ceiling

den overhaul

  • large couch - cheaper than transporting couch from arlington
  • new TV so I can stop using my second monitor
  • beanbag & no I will not be taking criticism on that at this time
  • redo flooring
  • sheetrock over paneling

redo kitchen

  • consult about opening up that wall
    • could kitchen & dining room be inverted? make current kitchen a breakfast nook?
      • consult on redoing layout of entire ground floor
        • if someone says the words "modern farmhouse," fire them immediately.
  • pot rack!
  • rolling cart for veggies
  • dehydrator
  • wine fridge
  • wine rack
  • spice rack
    • could just be magnetic on side of fridge

living room

  • clean chimney so it's useable
  • security system
  • wrap around couch


  • add deck - call Sierra's dad about it for ideas maybe?
    • could easily take window off dining room as door.
    • works even better if we invert the kitchen/dining room
    • grill area
  • modify fencing for privacy
  • greenhouse
  • front porch overhaul (railing & brick work)
  • shed! Costco?


  • clean out garage
    • overhead storage rack
  • freezer (overflow)
  • upgrade / fix garage doors
  • potential conversion to 4th bedroom/studio apartment.
oct 26 2021 ∞
dec 13 2021 +