Interestingly enough, My 7 Deadly Sins List has much much more... go figure.

    • 1. Chastity
    • 2. Temperance
    • 3. Charity
    • 4. Diligence
    • 5. Patience
    • 6. Kindness
    • 7. Humility

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Chastity - purity / abstention from sexual intercourse

  • Ha-ha! Yeah, right.
    • There are things I've done, you don't wanna hear about; I'm proud as fuck of most these things.

2. Temperance - moderation in indulgence.

  • Moderation of my passion?? I am nothing, if not passionate & I give in to that passion readily.
  • I seldom practice temperance, although when I do, I feel better about myself;
    • I would put my brief trials w/ dieting in this category.

3. Charity - benevolent goodwill or love of humanity

  • Ya know, deep down i really do have this extreme love of humanity and life, I just don't show it often.
  • I donate clothes rarely, but I really do want to start donating blood and volunteering some sort of my time...
  • sometimes looking out for yourself just happens to be more necessary.

4. Diligence - the attention & care expected of a person

  • I unfortunately, am not as diligent as one would hope, although I do have times where I get fed up, and if i am not diligent, who will be?
  • You could say I show it, through my take charge attitude once nobody else steps up.
  • When I do things, I do them as perfectly as I possibly can. (but I take pride; does that make it a sin or still a virtue?)

5. Patience - bearing pain calmly, without complaint

  • I am NOT one to complain and can be calm in a lot of situations; Thing is, I am more patient than some, and much less patient than everyone else.
    • I have NO patience when driving and exude explicit acts of road rage on a weekly basis
      • I am a New Yorker; sorry.
  • I DO show more patience when others seem to lack it. I am more calm with them, and tend to alleviate their complaints.

6. Kindness - helpful nature to give pleasure or relief

  • I am a miserable person; but, this does not change my kind nature. I am very giving, very comforting, very loving.
  • Anyone who knows me knows my good side... is sometimes accompanied by my evil twin side...
    • I am a Gemini to the fullest extent.

7. Humility - reflecting regard; not arrogant or proud

  • Humility is something we all need to learn; myself included.
  • I've had my fair share of instances and I consider myself fairly humble.

All in all, I'd like to at least point out that I am the most understanding and forgiving person around. I am appreciative, giving, loyal, and loving... I'm a cranky son of a bitch sometimes but, I am grounded and passionate about being better.

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