pretentious uquiz results:

what element writer are you?

what does your heart taste like?

what does your heart look like?

what form of love do you embody?

where does light strike you?

what flavor is your soul?

how would i write you as a book character?

what emotion do you create from?

answer some questions and ill tell you about yourself in the most beautiful way possible

what kind childhood memory (feeling) are you?

which lover are you?

why would i fall in love with you?

answer some questions and i will give you a blend of tea and some advice

which private expression of love do you most represent?

what candle scent are you?

why i would have a crush on you

what is your soulmate like?

how do you love?

what kind of friend are you?

what colour is your love language?

what type of light are you

answer some questions and i'll give you a character arc

how do you live?

how do you need to be loved?

here's what you're supposed to do

how is your love?

what does love mean to you?

how does it feel to be loved by you?

let me tell you something nice about you.

what soft classical piano piece are you?

take one.

let me describe you in one adjective

how does your love feel in a word?

what does your soul smell like?

what's your aesthetic?

what song from the beatles white album are you?

what type of flower are you?

what kind of paint would you be

here's what i've always wanted to tell you

what awaits you?

what shape does your relief take?

what kind of bread are you?

what extremely specific element in one of the four seasons are you?

which kind of sky are you?

chat with me and i'll recommend a book i love to you.

were you written by a female or a male?

come to my masquerade & i will give you something you need

what's your mini love story?

what color does your love feel like?

what kind of book ending would i write for you?

which beautiful concept are you?

what kind of art would someone make about you?

answer some questions, and i'll give you a poem to read

jan 12 2022 ∞
jan 15 2024 +