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  • "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt." (i'm still undecided as to where.)
  • Zeke's name in the middle of a heart monitor line or pulse (or whatever it's called.)
  • OR a city skyline in the middle of a heart monitor line
  • 4 or 5 seagulls, the kind that look like the letter 'm' (will probably wait until I move out to get it, if ever, as a representation of freedom. maybe that's dumb, but whatev.)
  • 4 leaf clover (NOT stupid like a star or heart because I'm actually Irish and it has meaning to me.)
  • an anchor (to remind me to stay grounded, among other things.)
  • world map (not really sure how i would pull this off.)
  • a snake (to remind me to face my fears at every opportunity.)
  • if i were totally hardcore i'd get a bunch of nautical/oceanic type of tattoos on my left arm to show my love for the ocean and the beach and on my right arm i'd get stuff to represent my love for big cities and city life. maybe in another life. when i come back as brody dalle.
  • friendship tattoo where I get a feather and best friend gets a feather (birds of a feather fly together)
  • an anatomical heart with cracks in it and a bandaid over the biggest crack made out of Zeke's name or with his name on it
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