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  • broken a bone
  • eaten pumpkin pie
  • been on a motorcycle
  • gone skinny dipping
  • drank alcohol
  • driven a car that wasn't automatic
  • eaten raw cookie dough (the cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream doesn't count)
  • been to disneyland (tokyo disneyland for a few hours doesn't count either)
  • gone clubbing
  • been arrested
  • done drugs
  • been married
  • liked ren and stimpy
  • needed to go to the emergency room
  • smoked
  • been to a "college party"
  • tried eggnog
jan 29 2008 ∞
sep 19 2010 +
user picture ceceNYC: Wait a can pumpkin pie and eggnog be on both this list and the non-eating list? I understand the "natural aversion" to eggnog (what's a nog anyway?), but pumpkin pie? It's pumpkin, it's pie, what's not to love? Try it. Seriously. jan 29 2008