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dec 16 2013 ∞
dec 16 2013 +
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  • sayonara color by super butter dog
  • okaeri by ayaka
  • konayuki by remioromen
  • stay with me by kaoru amane
  • taiyou no uta by kaoru amane
  • i believe by shin seung hun
  • first love by utada hikaru
  • nobody by wonder girls
  • because i'm a girl by kiss
  • alguien soy yo by enrique iglesias
  • hoppipolla by sigur ros
  • glosoli by sigur ros
sep 27 2009 ∞
sep 27 2009 +
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  • twilight by stephenie meyer
  • protecting marie by kevin henkes
  • each little bird that sings by deborah wiles
  • postsecret: extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives by frank warren
  • new moon by stephenie meyer
  • eclipse by stephenie meyer
  • clementine by sara pennypacker
  • looking for alaska by john green
  • honey, baby, sweetheart by deb caletti
  • deep down popular by phoebe stone
  • along for the ride by sarah dessen
  • penny from heaven by jennifer l. holm
  • the boyfriend list by e. lockhart
  • when it happens by susane colasanti
  • if i stay by gayle forman
  • breaking dawn by stephenie meyer
jan 9 2009 ∞
aug 5 2009 +
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because i plan to write for a living, this list should help me be sure that conditions are right

  • a dark room lit only by the christmas lights strung around it
  • "not a second to waste" - a rocket to the moon
  • "the greatest" - cat power
  • sigur ros
  • the thought of driving to the north shore at night
  • symphony by pam houston (sudden fiction)
  • no one's a mystery by elizabeth tallent (short story)
  • reading stories written by classmates
  • being in an english class
  • good feedback on something i've already written
  • an irritating conversation that makes me realize how much i'd rather be writing
  • movies about letters or letter writing
  • movies or tv shows with brilliant scripts...
dec 10 2008 ∞
jan 2 2011 +
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as of now, writer and tattoo artist are most appealing.

  • veterinarian
  • plastic surgeon
  • interior decorator
  • artist
  • fashion designer
  • fashion illustrator
  • actress
  • rock star
  • writer
  • baker
  • bakery owner
  • chef
  • restaurant owner
  • waitress
  • journalist
  • grocery store cashier/bagger
  • tattoo artist
  • screenwriter
  • makeup artist
nov 11 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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  • starting work at 7:30am
  • being told to keep the shelves orderly when they were just neat before the second and third graders came in
  • having to clean and dust the shelf where a lot of junk seems to have accumulated over the years when i know i will end up with red itchy eyes and innumerable sneezes
  • the fact that before i started working here, this was the kind of job you could do your homework at or read a book
  • catching kids' colds
  • recess duty
  • never being able to let a single lost book slide.. i mean, really. there are others!
aug 12 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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  • broken a bone
  • eaten pumpkin pie
  • been on a motorcycle
  • gone skinny dipping
  • drank alcohol
  • driven a car that wasn't automatic
  • eaten raw cookie dough (the cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream doesn't count)
  • been to disneyland (tokyo disneyland for a few hours doesn't count either)
  • gone clubbing
  • been arrested
  • done drugs
  • been married
  • liked ren and stimpy
  • needed to go to the emergency room
  • smoked
  • been to a "college party"
  • tried eggnog
jan 29 2008 ∞
sep 19 2010 +
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this list is so long, it's almost embarrassing.

  • spaghetti
  • smashed potatoes
  • the garlic chicken I made for Christmas that people liked, and that I'm kind of proud of.
  • the boston cream pie strawberry cake thing they sell at Safeway
  • chicken parmesan
  • li hing mui candies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • jambalya (sans the sausage, on the spicy side, on a cold day)
  • minestrone (also on a cold day)
  • pizza with spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and sometimes chicken
  • pita chips
  • french bread or sourdough
  • burritos with vegetarian refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, and...
jan 24 2008 ∞
sep 22 2009 +
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  • dyed my hair bright red. all of it.
  • sang a hilary duff song at sarah's going away karaoke party. not so crazy for a normal person, but pretty crazy for me.
  • chopped off several inches of my hair before going out, just because i was tired of it.
  • tried out and wrote my first article for the school paper during my first week of college.
  • sang in front of my class for a group presentation one summer in college.
  • went to the waterpark for hckb's 25th anniversary. i hate the waterpark.
  • scoured the island unsuccessfully when i heard that the even stevens movie was filming here.
  • played and won a game of hold'em with a $20 buy-in.
oct 4 2009 ∞
oct 4 2009 +
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  • piano
  • when the singer puts down the mic and the audience sings together
  • "you've got mail." even though i don't hear it anymore, the thought of it brings back fond memories.
  • crackling campfire
  • the boom of the bass in a room full of dancing people
  • the click-clack of high heels on a tile floor. but this can also be a sound that i could just as easily hate.
  • the ocean after a long day
  • the quiet "go, now, go" at the beginning of MSCL's theme song
  • laptop keyboard
  • the noise that poker chips make when they hit each other
  • when boys use the piano or guitar to impress girls (see 'a lot like love' with ashton kutcher)
apr 22 2009 ∞
apr 22 2009 +
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what's heart-wrenching is the way the second person receives (or doesn't receive) the affection of the first

  • dorothy jane torkelson & riley roberts
    • i just watched the second episode on youtube today, and ohmygosh, it's still just as amazing as ever
  • angela chase & jordan catalano
  • kevin arnold & winnie cooper
  • brian krakow & angela chase
  • luke danes & lorelai gilmore
dec 17 2008 ∞
dec 20 2008 +
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this list will continue to change and grow...

  • Christian
  • tall
  • dark hair
  • speaks well
  • plays the piano
  • but if he can't play the piano, then he'll be excellent with a guitar.
  • friendly and outgoing
  • nice chin/jawline.. I have a thing about chins...
  • does not smoke
  • drinks little to no alcohol
  • not a clubby or party boy
  • outgoing and friendly enough to make me feel comfortable in social situations i would probably not feel comfortable in with someone not as outgoing or friendly
  • from hawaii. i guess... my inner island girl is coming out with age, but you still...
dec 6 2008 ∞
dec 21 2008 +
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i'm only counting the ones i've read the whole way through. most of these will be YA books.

  • "are you there god? it's me, margaret" by judy blume
  • "big mouth & ugly girl" by joyce carol oates
  • "13 little blue envelopes" by maureen johnson
  • "while you were out" by j. irvin kuns
  • "flipped" by wendelin van draanen
  • "bridge to terabithia" by katherine paterson
  • "whale rider" by whiti ihimaera
  • "island of the blue dolphins" by scott o'dell
  • "the secret garden" by frances hodgson burnett
  • "escape" by carolyn jessop
  • "lock and key" by sarah dessen
  • "rules" by cynthia lord
feb 26 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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some would call me a picky eater.

  • beef, pork, and any other meat that isn't chicken or fish
  • brownies with nuts in them
  • carrots
  • fritos
  • pumpkin pie
  • coffee
  • rocky road ice cream
  • milk
  • sausage
  • mayonnaise (unless it's in my eggsalad or tuna sandwich... but i use a negligible amount)
  • vanilla yogurt
  • eggnog
  • beets
  • bologna
  • clams, oysters, opihi
jan 29 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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  • when i can
    • finish this list
    • talk to God more
    • wipe the slates clean. no one on the hate list
    • learn to drive manually
    • read more than 16 books
    • go to vegas
  • january
    • celebrate court's 21st.
  • february
    • have a lovely valentine's day with the perfect boy
  • march
    • celebrate our first anniversary
  • april
jan 5 2010 ∞
jan 14 2010 +
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...when i get a job...

  • buy new slippers
  • buy a new jacket
  • maybe a new pair of jeans, too
  • get my own copy of "protecting marie" by kevin henkes
  • get presents for people!
  • browse ebay for jewelry
  • go to vegas, win, then quit my job. just kidding.
  • go to vegas, win, then put some of my winnings in my savings
  • look for a new bag online
  • buy some li hing mui candies
  • buy a new wallet. preferably one a little more grownup
  • play for a little bit of real money on absolute poker
  • not feel so guilty when i gamble with friends
  • maybe some new kicks. hahah.
sep 22 2009 ∞
mar 24 2010 +
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  • go to the olive garden (oh, hawaii, why must you be so olive gardenless?)
  • get phone calls from people i didn't think would remember my birthday
  • make it last all week
    • well, thanks to the island-wide blackout, it did last an extra day
  • go to macaroni grill, since olive garden is out of the question, and draw on the table
  • be with people who care about me (i'd like to think that's more than my family)
  • stay out late
  • not drink, because it's so cliche to drink on your 21st birthday
  • be happy and not feel badly about anything
  • look good, feel good
  • eat an awesome dessert
  • have a killer soundtrack to document the ...
dec 21 2008 ∞
jan 3 2009 +
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  • started hanging out with mini church friends kind of a lot
  • went to the beach with friends from minis, came back to a car with a stolen tire, spent a few hours with some pretty cool people
  • hung out on a dock on kaneohe bay with tim w.
  • stayed up to 6:30 playing rock band
  • got a blackberry
  • listened to "get back" by demi lovato a lot of times
  • bbq/potluck at mark's house, pool at hawaiian brians, late night zippys chats
  • got apple napples in the mailbox from a friend
  • got a new computer
  • downloaded a whole bunch of rock band songs for my zune
  • started feeling christmasy
  • worked at the courtyard cafe before and a...
sep 30 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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  • read "escape" by carolyn jessop
  • read "lock and key" by sarah dessen
  • ordered more books on amazon
  • read "bridge to terabithia" in summer school
  • had a group presentation on "terabithia" in which i sang and attended multiple group meetings outside of class which i found enjoyable
  • went to yogurtland and liked it
  • started going back to church
  • got two puppies, charlie and bailey
  • explored blogtv.com and decided to like it
  • started playing games on neopets.com again and decided not to tell anyone
  • saw "dark knight"
  • hung out with jared, yoshi, ryan, and jon again
  • went to cisco's cantina and had a virgin li hing margarita
aug 11 2008 ∞
dec 10 2008 +
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i do realize i have the taste of a 12-year old.

  • my so-called life
  • gilmore girls
  • good eats
  • supernatural
  • hannah montana
  • degrassi: the next generation
  • that's so raven
  • lizzie mcguire
  • law and order: svu
  • the hills
  • will and grace
  • avatar
  • phil of the future
  • instant star
  • l.a. ink
  • the torkelsons
jan 28 2008 ∞
dec 17 2008 +