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listing things to help me remember past years

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hi!! so . i started this list in april and never actually got to catch up on anything this year. a lot of things happened, i've watched so many movies, listened to a lot of great songs, and i never got to list down anything. never doing it again. now its december sixth, and i'm gonna try to list down the things that happened this year that i can remember.

  • i accidentally got myself some credit cards this year. been real shitty so far tbh, i have always been very bad with due dates and shit but i am planning on getting it together before this year ends. i swear. my credit. pls. rip.
  • i got another ztp at work around march... i think? the devil works hard but ******* sure does work harder lmao
  • ygtb was such a mess and it stressed the frick out of me but my boys are all doing well and i will always support all of them
  • i actually got into quite a number of new people to stan this year, surprisingly
    • everglow | honestly my fave rookies of 2019
    • uniq | i've known uniq for YEARS but i only actually got into them just this year. thanks to seungyoun participating in pdx101 and my mom completely forgetting who he was when i was excitedly telling her that her bias in uniq made it to the final lineup of pdx101, which is a show that she never gave a single fuck about, so i had to show her videos of uniq to remind her of seungyoun and then. thats practically it.
    • vav | my bffs, one of the best things that happened to me this year. very unexpected. i love them.
    • chungha | i knew i have to get into her somehow. ashiweo bolsseo yeoldusshi bitch.
    • sb19 | weirdest thing is that i found out bout these beshies literally just a day or two before they started blowing up.
  • actually met vav and sb19 for free! wildt.
  • many people had left their groups this year but nothing prepared me for my worst nightmare that is hanbin. i want hanbin back, i want ikon back.
  • not much travelling this year. tagaytay with family the beginning of the year, and a three-day trip tp cebu in june with some friends which we planned from more than half a year, and thats it. window seat and actually getting to buy a plane ticket on my own for the very first time.
  • i was recently hospitalized due to dengue. woke up to a body so sore that it felt like i was beaten up, and to a head that felt like splitting into half. taken some ibuprofen. felt a little better, went to the salon to get ready for the year-end party, only to not attend bc i was back to feeling like shit the next day. went to see the doctor and was told that i was dengue positive and had been so for 4 days then.
  • i got to listen to quite a ton of new music this year, tried to watch some dramas, tons and TONS of movies, but still never got to start watching naruto shippuden. i miss the naruto kids.
  • i actually thought that i could enroll to a language institute or some sort to improve my korean this year. my friend from work said something bout their gf studying korean and i had asked info about from where. i never got to actually look into it. argh.
  • been both very active, and very inactive on twitter this year. ygtb was really such an experience, i had to be ranting on twitter for it lmao. then everybody just slowly but surely went MIA and we just all died.
  • i actually got to keep my hair long and seems to be doing a great job at it.
  • i have had someone from work confess to me, and me ending up rejecting them. sorry.
  • i was hand-picked for my second mentorship as well. worst experience of my fucking life. never doing it again. periodt.
  • this is really nothing important but after watching tons of slime videos on instagram, i finally got to play with slime before this year ended kekeke.
  • started using paypal this year
  • completed first year of paying off the new house equity !! feelin rich like that LOLX
  • have had the worst bday of my entire life so far lmao
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