• buffy the vampire slayer. say what you will about vampire shows today, but buffy will always be the original.
  • sailor moon. any time i tell someone this they agree and go, "oh yeah, i used to watch that on pbs when i was little". you don't understand, i have all 5 seasons in the original dialog and all 18 books. your childhood love means nothing to me.
  • supernatural. a show about two attractive brothers fighting paranormal evil.
  • vampire diaries. a show about two attractive brothers fighting each other.
  • smallville. i was always more of a marvel fan, but dc's smallville still entertains me even after nine seasons.
  • spartacus: blood and sand. lots of naked men, slavery, and blood.
  • lost. fuck that damn island.
  • legend of the seeker. i hate tribune.
  • glee.
  • true blood. current favorite tv show, though it will never have anything on buffy or sailor moon.
  • house. what an attractive asshole.
  • nikita.
  • hellcats.
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