be thinner.

  • drink more water.
  • exercise at least 5 times a week.
  • severely limit carbs and junk food.

look better.

  • get tantantan.
  • change my hair - cut, color, style, whatever.
  • clearer skin / better makeup.
  • better wardrobe.

& redecorate my room.

  • clean out everything.
  • pull up the carpet for wood flooring.
  • stain my furniture.
  • repaint the walls.
  • buy a new bedspread.

i wish i had as much determination during the day as i do at night.

jul 27 2010 ∞
jul 27 2010 +
  • like we used to; a rocket to the moon.
  • your love is my drug; kesha.
  • she's so lovely; scouting for girls.
  • kill! kill! kill!; the pierces.
  • she's got you high; mumm-ra.
  • ultraviolet; the stiff dylans.
  • breakeven; the script.
  • jessie's girl; preferably the glee version.
  • lights on; the pierces.
  • toothpaste kisses; the maccabees.
  • if the moon fell down tonight; chase coy.
  • your song; kate walsh.
  • this is not the end; the bravery.
jul 3 2010 ∞
jul 3 2010 +
  • graduating high school.
  • doing a semester/summer of "study abroad" in either england or new zealand.
  • finally getting to go on a road trip.
  • my 18th & 21st birthdays.
  • visiting my friends in new hampshire.
  • getting over my fears.
  • finding a boy that never leaves me bored.
  • warped tour with dylan and angie.
  • getting an apartment, preferably with roommates.
  • the day i get the patience to learn an instrument and/or a foreign language.
  • the rest of my life.
jul 2 2010 ∞
jul 2 2010 +
  • one night when i was really little, my nana was spending the night at our house. i had already gone to sleep, but i was awoken later to some kind of noise. i went downstairs and saw my nana on the ground with my mom, my dad, and firemen surrounding her. i asked what was going on and they told me to go to sleep. i did and she died the next day. nobody remembers me ever going downstairs.
  • in elementary school, i was playing kickball with some other kids. i'd probably said something insulting to another kid and when i ran to second base, he threw a ball at me and i was out. he said, "how do you like them apples?" and, as i walked off the field, i yelled, "i don't even like apples!" probably the worst comeback i've ever come up with.
  • every single day of 7th grade. i can't remember even one happy memory from that ye...
jul 7 2010 ∞
jul 7 2010 +
  • the first crack of thunder before a rainstorm starts.
  • rainstorms themselves.
  • the sound a keyboard makes, especially when you type really fast.
  • wilson's meow. (even though he's fat and almost 5 years old, he still sounds like a kitten.)
  • drumming your fingernails against a hard surface.
  • the tuning of an acoustic guitar.
  • tap dancing.
  • laughter.
  • the timer going off when you just made brownies.
  • fire alarms during a drill - i find them exciting.
  • whispers.
  • bacon when it's being cooked.
  • high heels on hard floor.
  • ceiling fans on high.
jul 2 2010 ∞
jul 2 2010 +
  • erick ruutila.
  • kevin brochu.
  • chris hammond.
  • ethan snow.
  • aaron davis.
  • william delph.
  • anthony montefusco.
  • troy lovecky.
  • mike gendron.
  • taylor jorgensen.
  • nick edmunds.
  • dean campbell.
  • dylan murphy.
  • benn's friend darren.
  • matt marcolini.
  • wesley loughrie.
  • mr. thoreson.
  • howie gates.
  • charlie hughes.
  • trevor windsor.
  • zach robertson.
jul 21 2010 ∞
sep 12 2010 +

pretty much every relationship i've had has been a tragedy.

  • e; my first "boyfriend". even though it was in 1st/2nd grade, i'm counting it because it ended tragically and it adds a bit of humor to this list. he went to a girl's birthday party and i received a phone call telling me he'd married her. i cried and i believe i slammed a book on his desk the following day when we "broke up".
  • b; my first kiss & first relationship. not only was my first kiss wasted on a truth or dare game, but our relationship never even really ended. he picked up and moved without telling me. i found out by calling him and being met with a disconnected phone.
  • m; my most dysfunctional relationship, if you can even call it that. he really only ever called me when he wanted something and i always fell for it because i found...
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