• Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and a breeze coming in through the window
  • The scents of sunscreen and bugspray, two of my favorites in the world
  • Peeling my skin off in sheets after getting sunburned
  • Floating the days away in Gramma's pool
  • Bike riding all over town with two adorable hoodlum boys, circa seventh grade
  • Swimming out too far at the beach, that moment of fear when I don't think I can make it back, that moment of elation when I realize I can
  • Camping, smores by the bonfire, falling out of the hammock, kissing for the first time
  • Lightning bugs in jars by my bedside
  • Summer creature sounds: Crickets, Whippoorwills, raccoon chatter
  • Ice cream melting too fast, damnit.
  • That feeling of never wanting to let go, of things ending much too soon
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