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Jen. Twenty-something physicist and science communicator.

Interests include, but are not limited to, conspiracy theories, animals and cryptography.

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  • Luxembourg

  • Peru

  • Normandy

  • Edinburgh

  • Sweden

  • Morro Bay

  • Morocco

  • Barcelona

  • Italian Lakes

  • Southern Germany

  • Corsica

  • NYC

  • Dublin

  • Saas Fee

  • Glencoe

  • Texas

  • Lisbon

  • Basel

  • Channel Islands

  • Prague

  • Les Diablerets

  • C√≥rdoba

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oct 2 2016 +
user picture violetta: Great pics, especially of Glencoe! Would you recommend going? I don't live far from there but the Scottish Highlands are practically uncharted territory for me, haha. apr 25 2014
user picture jen: Glencoe is fantastic. It's probably my favourite place in the world and has been since I was a child. Aside from the beauty, there is an atmosphere in the glen that is both eerie and calming. I find it a very spiritual place. I would recommend it to anybody! may 5 2014
user picture opal: What are your must see places for a first visit to Scotland? My family is going to the UK next summer. We know we'll be in Edinburgh for a time, and my mom really wants to go to the Highlands because of Outlander. I don't know where to start! oct 2 2016
user picture jen: Hi. You should definitely look at the Isle of Skye. It's absolutely stunning (google "fairy pools" for example). You can get to the island by train from Edinburgh but I would really recommend renting a car and driving up through Glencoe which, to me, is the most special part of the country. Then there's the Inverness area, which is the setting for Outlander. The scenery is a little less spectacular. Loch Ness is nice but it's a bit touristy. There's also the Culloden battlefield up there, which is where the Jacobite rising was finally put down and all the fictional characters in Outlander were probably killed. You can also do a day trip to the highlands by bus from Edinburgh if you are a bit more pressed for time. But Scotland is small so you can realistically visit rather a lot of it!
user picture opal: Thank you, Jen! This is very helpful! oct 3 2016