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dont even mention this to me ill cry and start ranting for six hours about it

  • adolescence (the song)
  • project diva (specifically pjd x and modules)
  • evillious chronickle
  • project sekai
  • bashful parka blue kaito and his boyfriend adolescent knight len :^)
  • death should not have taken thee/your adventure log has vanished
  • sinoalice

just faves

  • pixelmon
  • kaito the robot singer i like your funky words magic man
  • kailen
  • food fantasy
  • vocaloid in general
  • editing
  • random len modules i have attachments to for some reason
  • learning languages
  • kagamine songs i have nostalgic value for (against the world, childish war, electric angel, straight faced science girl, +)
  • the tenma siblings, len, kaito, rui, akito, and touya from sekai
  • songs i have headcanons for (bring it on, ohedo julianight, gigantic otn, +)
  • silver and giovanni from pok√©mon
  • A M A U R A P O K E M O N
  • vananice
  • those please interact boxes are my comfort characters... i'm obsessed with them...
  • mekakucity actors :)
  • vocal-p's: mothy, scl project/natsu-p, hitoXyama, joruzin, wonderful opportunity, honeyworks
  • artists: haruaki, suzunosuke, glider, yomogi ringo, GAZE, ichika
  • random anime i've watched and liked include black butler (and read the whole manga, oops), madoka magica, blend-s, the devil is a part timer, no game no life, and love live school idol project
oct 12 2020 ∞
feb 8 2021 +