• seen live 26th May 2017

❥vixx (1)

  • ken noticed me on insta live 26th August 2017


  • seen sf9, wjsn, monsta x, wanna one, up10tion 23rd September 2017

❥victon (2)

  • noticed on super kpop 28th September 2017 - 2 questions read out (38:08 - subin, chan 50:40 byungchan)


  • noticed on super kpop 30th October 2017 - Jisung read out comment (13:12 - jisung)
  • have a signed copy of who am i

❥kim samuel (4)

  • noticed on be my super star 4th December 2017- read two comments out (3:13, 3:39)
  • read out two comments on vlive 10th June 2018 (1:52, 6:56)
  • answered question ( fave ice cream flavour) - 6th July 2018

❥nct (3)

  • johnny read out comment for taeil to dab 31st December 2017 (11:01)
  • yuta asked about his hair and thanked everyone for the comments about it (I had commented before his hair colour looked nice in Japanese) 11th January 2018 (got deleted that vlive bc yuta showed johnnys phone number so not 100% sure ?? )
  • jungwoo read out my comment saying i loved him 26th February

❥voisper (2)

  • super kpop 12th February -comment read out by host on naver vlive app and question chosen

❥golcha (3)

  • super kpop 26th February - two questions chosen and video message

❥14u (2)

  • doyool read out two comments on vlive (australia and asking if they had ate yet) - 29th March 2018

❥the boyz (7)

  • super kpop 9th April - question read out by host (54:22)
  • kevin read out comment (fave ice cream flavour) on vlive 23rd April 2018
  • eric read out comment (asking how his day was) on vlive 8th June 2018
  • kevin read out comment ( 38:19) saying he inspired me to do art) on vlive 8th June 2018
  • hyunjae read out comment (please come to australia) on vlive 11th June (3:43, then younghoon said he really wanted to go as well)
  • jacob read out comment vlive 18th December 2018 (Fave Season)
  • 11th january kevin and jacob vlive (phineas and ferb lmfao) - 37:02
  • i have a ot11 (:(() signed copy of the start

❥mcjin (at least 9?)

  • followed me on twitter 11th April 2018 (now unfollowed)
  • liked tweet 5th May 2018
  • liked tweet 13th May 2018
  • liked two tweets 9th June 2018
  • liked tweet 10th June 2018
  • also quote tweeted and liked more few of my tweets but unknown dates

❥kenta (1 but it was a reach lol)

  • i commented please do a heart (in japanese) and he did a heart just after (unsure but counting lmfao) 25th May 2018

❥tst (2)

  • super kpop 28th May 2018 - read out my comment for yohan to do a heart and question read out by host (29:56 - yohan, 52:01- ain)


  • super kpop 11th June - read question out (52:06 - donghun and byeongkwan explaining) and byeongkwan did a heart nearly immediately after i commented please do a heart in the comments
  • (check date) chan did a heart after i commented chan please do a heart so LOL im taking it again

❥khan (4)

  • super kpop 25th June - four messages read out by host

❥shinee (1)

  • key responded to my question ig live - July 1st 2018

❥24k (1)

  • kisu replied to message on instagram

❥jannabi (2)

  • two comments were read out 5th September

❥blanc7 (at least 8)

  • shinwoo read out comments in insta live - unknown date (2017)
  • read out comment on super kpop (i called jean paul cute 30:23) and asked shinwoo my question (how he learns languages 45:04) 10th September 2018
    • have a signed copy of take off
  • shinwoo: read out comment on ig live, read out australia which i had written on discord, read out my japanese comment calling him cute, what his fave song is, and i commented australia in korean and he read it out - 17th December 2018

❥dreamcatcher (2)

  • read out comment vlive (dami do a heart 42:38) and host read out question 1st October 2018

❥up10tion (3)

  • wei read out three comments on ig live 18th October 2018

❥pristin (a lot jdshsks i dont count)

  • kyla regularly likes my comments on her ig account and has replied a few times which im counting ! yeehaw - highlight was her wishing me hbd

❥mxm (at least 3?)

  • nov 19th super kpop - few messages read out and video message

❥vermuda (11)

  • choiseon followed me on two of my insta accounts (currently unfollowed now tho :’( ) (2017)
  • u did a live on youtube and read out 9 of my comments

❥dongkiz (1)

  • liked my tweet 17th jan 2019

❥greyish (1)

  • yeso replied to my tweet 28th jan 2019
  • liked my tweet 10th april 2019
  • replied to my tweet (check date)

❥stray kids

  • saw live march 24th 2019
  • IM COUNTING but jisung read my message on bubble 4/1/21 and then another day (need to check)


  • follow me on twitter

❥jbj95 (3)

  • had two comments read out (super k-pop) and won a video message (1st April 2019)


  • read out 4 comments on vlive 31st april 2019
  • replied to ig comment (check date)
  • 5th july read out heaps of comments on vlive
  • another date for vlive check ~~


  • 2nd september had comment read out (check date)
  • i have a longguo signed album of jbjs true colours


  • 14th october had comment read out


  • 4th november super kpop - had comment read out on vlive and question read out and answered by yunji
    • won a signed album


  • (check !) comment read out 9th december 2019

❥lee hwan

  • liked insta comments; CHECK DATES, 31st jan 2020, 31st march 2020 (heapssss more crying)

❥choi suhwan

  • liked comment on youtube (check date, 2020)

❥other signed albums

  • monsta x 's the clan pt 2 signed by im
  • (g)i-dle 's i am (all members)


  • aja
    • *liked and replied to my tweet
    • *liked my tweet 18th Jan 2019
  • jasmine masters
    • *read out comment in live 30th april 2019
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