❥updated YET again ,,, note that I stan a lot of groups and I am more than happy to talk about any of the groups on this list!! my ults constantly are changing, since i tend to consume most content on twitter and it depends on who i am following or what i am watching otherwise!

❥ult of ult groups

  • loona, fromis9, red velvet, ab6ix, stray kids

❥ult groups

  • girl groups
    • weki meki, wjsn, twice, bvndit, hinapia
    • (g)i-dle, everglow, exid, oh my girl, dreamcatcher, pristin
  • boy groups
    • cix, seventeen, txt, verivery, jbj95, wanna one
    • wayv, ateez, exo, x1
    • superm, monsta x

❥semi ults

  • girl groups
    • itzy, mamamoo, blackpink, april, momoland
  • boy groups
    • victon, nct, got7, the boyz, golden child, oneus
    • astro, onf, a.c.e, pentagon, onewe
    • day6, up10tion, unb, mcnd

❥regulars (that i used to ult)

  • hotshot, trcng, bts, knk, shinee
    • block b, the east light, sf9
    • ikon, in2it, vixx, btob, epik high
    • blanc7, cross gene, tst


    • gfriend, clc, elris, aoa, gwsn, khan, snsd, f(x), laboum, niziu, kard
    • vav, 14u, newkidd, bigbang (ot4), suju, winner, vermuda, b.a.p., highlight, boyf, nu'est, 24k

❥soloists (if someone is in one of the above groups please know that i stan !!)

    • chungha, sewoon, sunmi, samuel, iris, sori, alexa, kang daniel, park jihoon

❥groups that i love their music but don't know too well !!

  • girl groups
    • cherry bullet, rocket punch, gugudan, apink
  • boy groups
    • snuper, onlyoneof, myteen (besides boyf >.<), bigflo

❥these are groups that i am currently learning !!

  • girl groups
    • ariaz
    • aespa
  • boy groups
    • 1team

❥groups that i want to learn more about !!

  • girl groups
    • purplebeck
  • boy groups
    • masc, team team, noir, the rose, we in the zone, too
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