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because carrd wouldn't have my horny presence <3

  • monsters
  • tentacles
  • bondage / bdsm
  • somnophilia
  • creampie
  • impregnation / pregnancy / breeding
  • stomach bulge / distention
  • eggs. i know.
  • bad ends
  • pegging
  • body modification / experiments
  • size difference


listed below are my personal favourites. i'll write for others that aren't on the no list but these are just the chefs kiss ones that i like the most.

  • ghirahim/link
  • galo/lio
  • groose/link
aug 16 2021 ∞
aug 18 2021 +
  • non-con/rape
  • underage
  • golden showers/scat
  • vore
  • beastiality (monsters not included. monsters are defined as having the ability to consent in some way.)
  • micro/macro (size difference is fine! and i make an exception for the great fairies.)
  • incest
  • galo thymos / kray foresight
  • lio fotia / kray foresight
  • anything relating to wonder bread. you know who you are.

i may deny requests i personally find uncomfortable. i have a little more leeway in terms of what i will write when taking a commission, however, the above items in italics i will not ever budge on. i will also block on sight if i see the bolded items on your profi...

aug 16 2021 ∞
sep 27 2021 +


I'll still write these, they just don't make my horny brain go apeshit.

  • rimming
  • bottom lio fotia.


Writing these is very situational. I might decline or find a way to write it that makes me more comfortable.

  • dub-con ( hesitation, or getting more into it as they go along, sex pollen, aphrodisiacs without prior consent )
  • consensual non-consent
  • knifeplay / injury / more extreme bdsm that includes injury.
  • demise/link
  • demise/ghirahim (not as the main focus.)
  • NTR / cuckolding
  • bimbofication
  • feet
aug 18 2021 ∞
sep 27 2021 +

tea. 23. he / they. nonbinary trans man.

i write and draw a lot of zelda, promare, and original content. i write a Lot of kinky material, and i'm dabbling in some other kinks and fetishes. i specifically keep to the zelda games where link is an adult. if i write for a series with a lot of minor characters, the nsfw content is of the actual adults.

all my original characters are adults, and if you want to write or draw fan content of them, you're free to use them with credit.

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aug 16 2021 ∞
oct 14 2021 +
  • ghirahim, local camp slut
  • guiera/meis , armorfucking - rq from cc
  • link/paya
  • kinktober 2021
  • mipha/urbosa, preg!mipha squirting piercings, crestis on ao3


  • queued
  • planning
  • writing
  • editing and posting
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