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"There was a time when it wasn't uncommon to use a piece of string to guide words that otherwise might falter on their way to their destinations"
-Nicole Krauss

Sadye follows:
c films (Angelina Jolie filmography)
activities (18 things)
food (teas I like)
television (to watch (someday))
  • Dog's nails clicking on hard floors
  • Rain beating against a window
  • The wavering hum of a rotating fan
  • Waves crashing against rocks
  • Silence while lying on the grass
  • Children playing at the beach
  • My own breaths as I go to sleep
  • The TV running in another room
  • Clicking of high heels
  • Little children giggling
  • Foreign languages
feb 4 2009 ∞
dec 18 2009 +