• ate real pizza and gelato in Italy
  • became a blood donor
  • climbed an active volcano (Etna)
  • climbed the eiffel tower
  • explored a haunted house
  • graduated with a BA degree with honours from UKC
  • learned to bake an awesome cake
  • rode a camel
  • saw Munster win the Heineken Cup in Cardiff
  • skied in the Swiss Alps
  • started a blog
  • visited Naples, Rome, Venice, Verona, Siena, Pescara, Sicily, Firenze, Pisa, Milan, Pavia, Mantova, Pompeii, San Gimignano, Como, Capri, Elba and many other smaller towns in Italy
  • won an award for photography
  • won escape & evade travelling from Kent to Glasgow and raised £580 for Great Ormond St Hospital
  • held a snake (two snakes!)
  • got an Alaskan Malamute
  • sponsored a child
mar 21 2015 ∞
mar 21 2015 +