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please don't interact if:

  • you fit the usual dfi criteria (racist, sexist, homo/transphobic, etc)
  • you're a map/pedophile
  • ship harmful stuff (ie minor/adult, incest, abuse, etc) even for coping
  • you'll make fun of my interests


  • my activity is all over the place, i can go months without posting any kind of art or sometimes post multitudes of art. but i am always checking my messages!
  • i'm very socially anxious so sorry if i don't interact much or if anything i say is worded badly
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oct 11 2018 +
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hello!! my names laika/charlie but you can also call me bunny/cafes, any of kins' names or anything else you see fit!

  • i'm just a daydreaming fox that's always sleepy and has a big affinity for flowers and crystals!
  • i use any pronouns!! my preferred ones are they/them but i'm okay with anything honestly haha
  • i'm bi with a lean on woman
  • my art style tends to be very inconsistent because i'm still learning about things
  • i try to be as friendly and approachable as possible but do know that i have bad anxiety so i'm sorry if i seem distant!
  • my interests are ever changing but some of them are pokemon, fnaf, warrior cats, nature/scenery and needlefelting to name a few!
  • im also on toyhouse
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oct 11 2018 +
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doubles are okay! i kin to cope. (i have a lot more kins but i'll only be listing my mains/ids!)

IDs / Me(tm)

  • Kimba/Leo the White Lion
  • The Puppet / Marionette (FNAF)
  • Alderheart (Warriors)
  • Starlight Glimmer (MLP)
  • Pink Diamond (SU)


  • Silvally
  • Reshiram
  • Shiny Umbreon
  • Shiny Glaceon
  • Vulpix/Ninetales + Alolan forms
  • Midnight Lycanroc
  • Zorua/Zoroark
  • Shaymin


sep 20 2018 ∞
oct 11 2018 +