• Rish. 08.23.1996

Filipino-Japanese. Art Graduate. Freelancer. game dev. Manila, Philippines. Las Pinas City. 152cm. 40kg. O. Filipino, English.

  • Type: INTJ-T (‘The Architect’)
  • dreamer. poet. artist.
  • instruments: guitar. ukelele. piano.
  • technology: sony vegas, photoshop, vocaloid after effects & sai.
  • likes: coffee that doesn't taste like coffee, alcohol that does taste like alcohol, cigarettes, blogging, words, colors, the color green, 2006 ryan ross, independent artists, spoken word poetry, film makers, people who whose genders i don't know of, hair colors, make up, blood and bruises, the night, dark humor, matty healy, pretty girls, petite boys, thighs, street fashion, lolita, bands, khiphop, anime, emotional musicians, guitars, music in car rides, creepy songs, migraines, sleeping, satire discussions, paradoxes, people i can't have, people i admire, admiration, falling in love, falling out of love and writing about it, recording studios, rainy weathers, feeling cold, my cat, haru (although there's a love-hate thing going on there), books, letters from people i care about, polariod pictures, not being online, existentialism and nihilism, being a paradox, concerts, drugs, youth, getting educated and feeding on knowledge.
  • dislikes: missing someone, starvation, people who don't and wont understand, raves, house parties.

  • blog. trash blog. twitter. facebook.
  • snapchat: kookitokki league: jeontokki katalk: koudeine
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