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  • waking up to the sound of rain
  • not being tired to the point of death
  • mr. hatcher talking about lady bodybuilders
  • mr. lorme getting excited about ideological revolutionaries
  • taylor complimenting my poem
  • the sun coming out in seventh period
  • hanging out with david after school
  • talking to mrs. landinguin
  • the sky
  • calligraphy everywhere
  • sunshine rolls for lunch
  • white shoes
  • banana chocolate chip muffin
  • having the house to myself
  • artichoke and spinach pizza
  • joey saying he'll me his english hw


  • will in a bad mood
  • dylan's weird attitude
  • no good hugs
  • constant nagging feeling of hypocracy/frustration on my part
  • laundry machine overflowing
  • joey not giving me his english hw
jan 13 2010 ∞
jan 15 2010 +