the kins on my carrd are the ones i actually care about now heres a list of ppl i would kin but i dont really care about them that much so its kinda like synpath? except i hate using that word so lets just say i relate but thats the extent of it

i believe you can drop kins coping or not so this list may become shorter or longer depending on what i like or what im watching at the time

  • noctis (ff15)
  • louis (codevein)
  • kaneki ken/haise (tgre)
  • robin (fe)
  • eight (fft0)
  • mika (enstars)
  • haru (free!)
  • jafar (magi)
  • zeref (fairytail)
  • riku (kh)
  • leon kennedy (re2 only)

some more will always remain unlisted just bc idc enough to let you know about them

otherkinnies are wolves bunnies and angels

jan 9 2019 ∞
feb 20 2019 +