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  • happy 3rd 2bru anniversary
  • "when you say that you love me feels like I’m walking across the sky, tell me about forever, just one more time, when you say that you love me, I just need those words, that you’ll never change [...] I hope you don’t forget, you’re my day by day, summer, winter, even if you don’t know, you got the best of me."
  • just the fact that you’re by my side, thanks.
  • sun of my moon
  • 190418
  • the colored voice

i love you, bee! #happy2bruday

apr 18 2018 ∞
apr 19 2018 +
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    • "If you are the sun, I am the moon. Because the moon shines through the light of the sun."

190415incredible was the day I met you, and once again I shined, like there was a sun through me, and it was you.

170317 — my heart was pounding, my legs was trembling and then I saw you, with the shiniest smile in the whole world, and when I hugged you, I felt the warmth that you always gave me just with words.

180317 — seeing your angry face, teasing you, holding your hands, hugging you, everything was like a dream, and I'll never get tired of dreaming about this.

190317 — the day. we were nervous, our heart was aching, but at the same time was screaming. it was perfect. but it hurt. hugging you and seeing you cry in my arms, it was painful, but I'm glad that we were there for each other. our precious 2bru day...

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