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"I love lists. Always have. When I was 14,
I wrote down every dirty word I knew on file
cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
I have a thing about about collections, and
a list is a collection without purchase."

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  • Accidentally being a smartass to someone before realizing I'm wrong.
  • Anybody who's too cocky.
  • Being called a "hypochondriac."
  • Boring people.
  • Bullshitters.
  • Close-minded people.
  • Cops that abuse their power / break laws just because they can.
  • Duck faces, & men who take too many pictures with their shirts off.
  • Dumb kids that think they're all hard and gangsta.
  • Homophobes.
  • Ignorant, uneducated people.
  • Materialistic people.
  • Mismatched socks.
  • Narcissistic sociopaths.
  • Nitpickers.
  • Over(overoverover)-analyzation.
  • Overly-obsessed conspiracy theorists.
  • Parents that force feed their children fast food.
  • People who are overly-fanatic about cats.
  • People who ask me how I am just to be polite even though they don't actually give a fuck.
  • People who do not think for themselves; people who spout out opinions on shit they don't even know anything about other than the hearsay that they hear from others. Go do some actual fuckin' research.
  • People who don't abide by the golden rules of life.
  • People who don't believe in evolution or scientific facts due to The Bible.
  • People who don't know how to keep their dogs on a leash in public.
  • People who don't know who Stephen Hawking is.
  • People who fight evil with evil.
  • People who have no sense of humor.
  • People who ignore or dispute logic.
  • People who lack empathy.
  • Perfectionists.
  • The American media.
  • The majority of modern music.
  • The sound that happens when you rub or scrape up against a balloon.
  • Waiting in lines.
  • When people do not know how to correctly use your/you're, their/there/they're, affect/effect, its/it's, etc.
  • When people play with their phones during movies or just too much in general.
  • When people spell "you" like "u" and "your" like "ur" during serious conversations.
  • When people use the word "literally" wrong.
  • When someone else other than me wants to be Yoshi and beats me to the punch.
  • When the volume level of something isn't set on a multiple of five.
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